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“Normal” is a subjective term, don’t conform. Be abnormal!

How do you do that? That’s not normal!

Why do you do that? That’s not normal!

Have you ever heard those questions?

I’ve heard them many times, and let’s establish that when these statements are made/said, they are in reference to lifestyle habits, preferences and choices.

There seems to be a strange trend in society……..we have seemed to develop a habit of succumbing to the pressure of conformity. We feel we must abide and conform to the “norm”.

But the “norm” is and always will be subjective

Our definition of normal behavior, habits, likes and dislikes is often a manifestation of our environment. Our perception of normal is governed to what we were led to believe is “normal” as we develop into adults.

An analogy:

If you’ve been brought up in a very sedentary environment where your parents perhaps instilled a very anti-exercise belief into you, chances are you will view the realm of fitness and exercise as a lifestyle exclusive to the vain and conceited – we all know vanity is the most insignificant and minuscule component of fitness and exercise. 


You may have grown up in a household that has an absence of books, therefore when you hear about someone who reads an hour each day, minimum, you may deem it “abnormal”.

These are simplistic examples, if you really sat down and brainstormed, I’m confident hundreds of adequate examples could be raised.

Never look at the world through a straw!

The purpose of this post is to lead the charge of retaliation, retaliation to the all too common stifling of people’s unique traits, habits and interests. Why should you feel ashamed of your new vow to start eating vegetables with every meal? Why should you feel ashamed of your new goal of replacing all sodas with water, tea and coffee? Why should you feel embarrassed of your newly set bedtime of 9:30 pm everyday?

Again, these are basic examples. Although very relevant examples! All simple lifestyle tweaks for self-improvement, many habits that most people couldn’t piece together.

Rather than celebrate these positive goals and habits, all too often anyone who announces any positive plans of action will regret their announcement…….as they will be branded with the nonsensical tag: “Why? That’s not normal!

Some personal examples of habits I’ve formed this year which have received the “That’s not normal treatment”:

  • Start everyday with a cold shower (yes, ice cold!)
  • Start everyday with a citrus drink (warm lemon/lime water)
  • Remove all sodas from my diet (increase consumption of green tea, organic coffee, water and various other herbal teas)
  • Track overall calorie consumption and protein, carbohydrate and fat macros

Every one of those implemented habits have been classified as “not normal” by at least one person.

However my pride remains intact as those who attempt to belittle my self-improvement habits nearly always do so to mask their own insecurities and to protect their shortcomings! 

I made a post a few months back regarding how difficult it can be in today’s world to truly be you, it was very warmly received. Take a nostalgic look back: if-theres-one-thing-you-should-do-it-is-to-do-you

Please realize “normal” is rather different to “right and wrong” – right and wrong are morality issues. 

“Normal” is a subjective issue and it’s definition will always vary from person to person.

Why not redefine your own normal?

Allow me to encourage you to terminate “straw vision” and replace it with an open mind, look for the positives anytime somebody tells you something about themselves that doesn’t conform to your own definition of normal.

Dare I say praise them?!

Dare I say take inspiration from them?!

Alien sentences I know, but if you just widen your spectrum a tad, you too will be able to start truly living…….we are a species that is made to require companionship. Loneliness doesn’t fare well with the human soul.

So why shall we feel singled out because we aren’t an exact clone of the next man/woman?

Determine what is right and wrong, redefine normal and start conforming to your heart’s desires and never stifle your pride in regards to activities that contribute to the betterment of YOU. 

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  1. I’m probably the worst, because as a parent you often hear me say something like, “Sit down like a normal person.” “Stop acting weird.” etc. Children change you. 😉

    • Ah, very good perspective! That is a tricky area I guess, because you don’t want to be too strict with children and make them robotic and lose their unique individuality and yet you don’t want them too scattered that they don’t adhere to the basic laws of right and wrong. This is assumption, I don’t have children of my own (haha). Thanks very much for your input! 🙂

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