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Making that brain ‘swole’ too!

I love training. Sprinting, jumping, walking, lifting, stretching and well…..just moving. No better feeling than exertion – maybe even over exertion? (Dare I say it!)

This obsession or relationship we trainees have with pushing ourselves every time we set off to the gym, where we’re armed with a vivid mental image – an image of what we must do to exceed what we did last time, is naturally recurring. Some would deem this ‘sadistic’. I’d deem it natural. 

Us humans are evolutionary creatures. Not evolving? One must assume you’re dying. Some may think that’s harsh, but when you really dissect things, if you aren’t moving and improving, you’re static.

Static: Lacking in movement, action or change, especially in an undesirable or uninteresting way. 

To exercise is a fine way to ensure you’re in constant motion at least in one area of your life. That’s my reason for loving exercise. But of course, exercise is only one part of a puzzle.

The reading of books is something I also enjoy very much, and something I’ve tried to put more focus into recently. I did my own mini ‘book-review’ of Chris Kresser’s: Your Personal Paleo Diet a few weeks ago that was warmly received. In actual fact, I changed the scope of my Christmas gifts this year to predominantly books. Books that have particular relevance to me and my life/circumstances etc…….

To be even more specific………books that address weaknesses I may have.


Making decisions is an area I’ve been quite strained in for as long as I can remember. How can you possibly make a choice with so many possible options and outcomes? It can seem impossible. It’s interesting that I’m actually someone whom many people that know me, will ask for advice (and not advice that’s solely relegated to health and fitness). I’m a very strong analyst and I’m very good at seeing the big picture – maybe that’s why I hardly ever get into arguments?

Or maybe it’s an excuse, a cop out. I’m not sure. Either way, this is something I’m setting out to change.

Interestingly, being indecisive is often tainted as a feminine trait, and I have read another very highly regarded book over the last few months; David Dieda’s: Way of the superior man, which advises that when dealing with women, one should never let her decide. He advises that for man and woman to unite fully as they should, man must be decisive.

Come to think of it, whenever I have dealings or relationships with girls and women, I’m actually rather uncharacteristically decisive. Probably because the situation forces me to be so. Or instinct takes over. And let’s face it, most women don’t want a man who can’t be bold enough to make choices.

So accordingly, the next book on my list that I believe will offer something to me is: Decisive by Dan & Chip Heath. 

This is a book based on much scientific studies and research, that really goes into the psychology of decision making and offers proven and effective strategies for making better decisions throughout all areas of life. Much like another great book; The One Thing by Gary Keller, that’s also based heavily on research.

I believe book reading is an amazing tool to help us overcome things we aren’t quite as good as we wish at. The tricky part is most people cannot face up to or acknowledge their weaknesses. My ego has never been fragile in that regard, I’ve viewed criticism as my friend. And nobody has ever been a bigger critic of me than I myself.

So I’d like to encourage you to explore some books that may be of help to you, that will make this year better than last. Some of you may think……..“why is he still talking about yearly aspirations and goals?! It’s February now!” – Well, unlike most, I actually stick to my plans for the year.

The irony is I have no trouble sticking once I choose, it’s just the choice that can be tough.

Although one thing life has taught me with inevitability is: Making the wrong decision provides much more benefit than making no decision.


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