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A guy’s thoughts on the ‘Thigh Gap’

Apparently you ladies want to have your own thigh gap?

Apparently it represents health, happiness and even sexiness?

Apparently if you’re a chick without a thigh gap, you’re less of a woman, right?

That’s the thigh gap fad talking. Not me. 

Enjoying the company of some girls the other day, they referred to a magazine image that supposedly portrayed “feminine perfection” – or words to that effect.

I’m not sure of the exact image, but it looked a little something like this……………

Okay okay, maybe I’m stretching it a touch…………….

Yes. That’s more like it! There’s your classic, stereotypical thigh gap magazine type image.

“Wouldn’t it be great to have legs like that?!”

“Oh HELL yeah! Guys love it!”

Hang on a minute!

Being a relatively young and heterosexual guy, if there was ever a time my input could or would be relevant, it was now. And if that didn’t qualify me to speak, perhaps the fact that I’m very much a ‘leg guy’ did. We all have favourite body parts of the opposite sex we particularly like – it’s the same for the girls too.

For me, it’s the legs. That’s not to say I want my woman to have a leaner chest than me, just I notice a great pair of legs much more on a lady, or first. This isn’t ‘pervy’ – just honest.

“I don’t love it. I think skinny upper thighs and narrow hips are actually quite un-feminite!”

Shocked and bemused, the girls expected me to crack a smile and confess to making a badly timed joke or something.

No smiles on my face! Say what you mean and mean what you say.

“I’m serious! I like a girls legs to gradually widen from the knee to hip. I think that’s a great feminine look.”

Here’s a rough example:

You can always rely on pinterest for picture gold!

All those demo girls have nice, continuously widening thighs. And it’s a good look, yes I’ve said it. After reassuring the girls I was chatting with that I wasn’t joking, I could see almost an instant release of pressure. As if they felt somewhat closer to self acceptance and it felt great to make them feel that way.

Again this is MY opinion, and a common opinion amongst my male friends. I’m not posting this to make those with skinny upper legs or thigh gaps, whatever, feel as though they shouldn’t be how they are. Nor am I saying that as long as your thighs widen from the knee, I’m going to find you irresistible.

It’s not an excuse to be out of shape and have copious amounts of bodyfat hanging off of you. I’m just saying I think you should embrace your feminine qualities; one of which is having shapely legs and wider hips……………

Basic anatomy folks.

Please don’t base your desires on what the media portrays and what magazines ‘advise’. Be healthy, accept yourself and realise at the very least, here’s a guy who will happily accept you without some bullshit thigh gap.

And there are plenty more where I came from.

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96 thoughts on “A guy’s thoughts on the ‘Thigh Gap’ Leave a comment

    • Glad to be of service! Figured an honest male opinion was worth more than any media article or other female opinions. Tired of hearing girls think they need a thigh gap to look good.

  1. I didn’t even know what a thigh gap was till I was in my 20’s. Same thing with cellulite. If more people like you keep preaching against it then hopefully something will change:)

    • I must say it was relatively new to me too until recently. I keep hearing girls I know mention it and I’m tired of people basing their ideals on irrelevant opinions. Surely the most relevant opinion is that of a normal male as opposed to the media? Hence why I felt compelled to speak, haha.

      Thanks so much for your input and feedback! 🙂

  2. Yes thank you! It’s such an unhealthy aspiration, not even possible for most girls. What’s weird is that it used to be considered unattractive and the girls who naturally had it hated it. Now the fashion industry is pushing it. I wish people would just focus on their personal health instead of trying to change the way their body is structured.

    • Hey!

      Yeah it’s really weird how it’s flipped around now. The silliest thing of all is girls think it’s a natural ‘guy magnet’ – when in reality, I don’t know of ANY guys who actually like it or desire it! If anything, for me, it’s quite a turn off.

      Thanks a bunch for commenting, nice to see girls accepting themselves. So much so called image standards nowadays, for both genders too!

      James 🙂

  3. I completely agree with the previous commenters, it’s nice to actually hear it from a guy! I think we girls are always wondering – we see all these images all over the media, but also we should be feminine at the same time and it feels difficult to achieve at the same time. For me, I’ve always had stronger legs so I learned to accept that thigh gap is not for me, but so many of my friends are still striving for that image! Wish are male friends were more like you, strengthening a healthy body image!

    • Absolutely! Thanks a bunch or your feedback 🙂 I have my fair share of personal ‘insecurities’ which most may say are all in my head. But it can be hard unless you hear it from a relevant source right? Hence the post. Oh and make sure you keep those legs of yours strong and thigh gap-less, there’s few things in life that look better than a lady with strong legs and no thigh gap 🙂

    • Hey 🙂

      Pleased to be of service! That sounds great, I’d be totally down with that. Shoot me an e-mail sometime ( Likewise too, it’d be great to feature someone else on my site too! I think I have the perfect potential topic for you to ‘tackle’ too 🙂

      Thanks for commenting, pleased you like the post. It’s popular because it needed saying, right?

  4. Nice to see so many opinions. Show me a woman willing to train hard, eat right, sleep right, hydrate, stress reduce and I’ll show you an attractive woman ready to enjoy life. Great post.

  5. That’s a great post! Some girls may have this naturally but most of us dont and wont ever be able to have it (and I actually don’t want it, working on my body is fine but I prefer to work with muscles – ok, and tight laced corset, not extreme though…). I think one should enjoy what is given by nature, no matter of body shape, work on a healthy, stonger body and you will look great!

  6. It’s good of you to speak up like that, it helps undo at least some of the damage marketing can do. Unfortunately, that marketing to women hits a lot of men just as hard.

    Men looking for status symbols to bolster their ego shop for trophy women and the current trophy is whatever has been deemed beautiful by current media. It often has nothing to do with what turns on that actual man, and that’s sad. You should never waste your energy on anything that doesn’t rock your world just because others will clap for you.

    There are women who love a guy with a belly, men who love women with thick, squeezable thighs, women who like a shy hipster, men who get hard over domineering southern belles. It’s all good; find your match and love ’em until you both fall asleep from exhaustion. Life is good when you choose wisely.

  7. I never understand the fashion industry,and mainly their hold on so many people. I am relatively smaller in size but have never seen a gap on my thighs.
    I agree with the others. The male perspective does help. Onto the next fashion fad!

  8. This is a brilliant piece! Thank you. I”m now in my 50’s and on looking back at pictures of myself in my early 20’s I now wonder what I stressed about. It’s really scary that in the 2nd millennium, women are still subject to so many social pressures. I’m not a rabid feminist by any means, I just think that we (women) are good enough, sometimes better than men (read “different”), but the fashion industry and the media really don’t do much to help. As I said, great post and more men need to say it like it is!!

      • Fuck no. My cousin is getting married Christmas day in the middle of nowhere. You know how inconvenient that is? Hahaha. I won’t be going 😛
        But, being alone for the holidays is not that pleasant… I am coming to learn from first hand experience. It is what it is though. I’m throwing an Ugly AF Holiday Sweater Party to offset any loneliness (:

      • Hahaha, I like it! I’m intrigued to know where ‘the middle of nowhere’ is by the way? The new year celebrations are what get me, no matter what I do, I always feel like I’ve not celebrated hard enough :/

      • Somewhere far, far away called rural New Jersey in an over-priced per-plate wedding hall.
        I rather stick to NYC.

      • Well everyone on here is already talking about it with the pathetic never gonna happen bs and I’m like wtf is going on it’s not even Christmas. Geesus.

      • Are you a ‘Christmassy’ person? It’s not my favourite time of year. All those chatting about new year’s resolutions are clearly not living in the present moment.

        You should follow me too, follow for a follow huh? 😉

      • You just want me to keep posting on here so you get to show your bossy your traffic and followers. I also know those are not your abs. But, okay- since you seem nice.
        And no. I am definitely not a Christmas person.
        I’ll probably be in Ireland then Germany during the New Year. That will be interesting. It’s for work, mainly.

      • Hey, stop with all the assumptions! You’re wrong, and to prove it, we’ll switch the discussion or ‘chat’ to your blog. The numbers I get on this site don’t qualify as ‘traffic, haha. Maybe one day though. Oh and you seem nice too! Those plans sound good, very different. Anyway, to stick to my word, I’ll drop a comment on your blog and carry on there 🙂

      • I didn’t mean the ab thing insultingly. It just looks like an airbrushed ken doll or something. I’m making things worse… /-: I don’t even know what real abs look like! So, really, who am I to judge? I date skinny boys who play too many video games.

      • Hahaha, I USED to be a fat boy who played too many video games! But that was many years ago now. You’re making me consider changing my pic now, I actually should do, I’ve had that one for a while now.

      • It depends what you classify as a ‘competitive gamer’, I played numerous games in tournaments online, but my niche was racing games; fast mind, quick reactions. I was never a natural FPS player. How about you?

      • the RPG. Top 10 world WoW restoshaman ur talking to. That’s right. The World title includes Asians who get the double lockout (meaning they get reset midweek, meaning they gear up faster).

      • You’re right about the sitting in front of the screen part! I knew someone who racked up 3 months worth of game-play in a 10 month period. Yes, that’s right……..3 MONTHS PLAYTIME IN A 10 MONTH SPAN! #Shocking Oh and you’ll tell me soon, I know you will 🙂

      • In ten months of total time though! You couldn’t beat that, and no I won’t be impressed if you did.

        I actually never got the notification that you replied on your site :S I see you have now, my bad. I wanted to turn your site into a forum instead of mine for once 😉

      • I will not tell you my /played because it’s sad really and will make me sound even lamer than i come off as.

      • i hope u have a lovely saturday. yes i will keep the secret forever. stuck commenting on ur page, too.
        i have yet to sleep. u didnt change ur twitter picture. at least, i don’t think u did. i can’t remember.

  9. Hmm…I naturally have a thigh gap because of the way my body is built but I didn’t know this was something girls physically strive towards. It’s just thighs girls! Big or small, just be glad you have them. 🙂

  10. Thank you!! I wish more of us women would realize in order to be healthy does not mean we have to aspire to an unattainable ideal!! It’s funny how the media likes to make us think they know what we want 🙂

  11. You couldn’t have said it better kind Sir. I am always bemused at how women torture themselves with their body images. Be healthy and happy. The full ladies in your photo look hot and lovely and not anorexic.

  12. Great post, I appreciate your honesty! Eat healthy, exercise, and take care of yourself, but never berate your body for not looking how the media says it should. It is so refreshing to hear a guy’s point of view on these issues. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I like it! We women, some of us anyways and/or at some point in our lives have made it a bad habit to strive for this thigh gap look. I’m guilty as charged and sometimes for a few days fall back to this way of thinking but I like your point of view. Well said and a good reminder!
    ~ Candice-Marie

    • Thanks very much indeed! I really didn’t think this post would pack such a punch. I wrote it up to vent after hearing girls I knew thinking it was a guy’s ‘ideal, so I had to set the record straight 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  14. Gosh. I wasn’t aware of the ‘thigh gap’ and so feel I’m so last year. I do have a thigh gap but I’d not realised it was fashionable.

    I think it is important to get this into some sort of context. Some of those girls have little definition on their legs and I love definition.

    Let’s not forget genetics. They play a HUGE part in how we look and this is despite endless hours in the gym.

    Sure, the physical stuff is important to a point but it isn’t the be all and end all. If you met someone you really liked, clicked with, found funny, intelligent, witty and engaging…..would you say it was a no brainer because her the shape of her legs didn’t fulfil your desires? I’d hope not. Those legs won’t keep you amused on those long winter nights and they won’t engage you over a dinner table. They are a bonus if all of those other important criteria are present but they should never be a deal breaker.

    I’d love for my legs to be bigger but I’m always going to struggle somewhat. I work hard and as long as I’m running, I’m going to pay the price for that and have more defined and slimmer thighs. I work with what I have and I like what I have…they fit well with the rest of my body. They serve me well and they get me from A to B and then some. They feel good, they’re pretty resilient and they are the only ones that I have.

    However, my thigh gap is more of a small area at the top of my legs and I love every millimetre of it and hell, I may even be able to hold a weapon there when the Zombies attack and I run out of pockets. Just saying.

  15. “I don’t love it. I think skinny upper thighs and narrow hips are actually quite un-feminite!” Not to nitpick, but I’m pretty sure it’s actually wide hips that contribute to thigh gap, because they’re mostly wider due to the pelvic bone being broader, which in turn causes the upper thigh bones to be further apart. So a feminine bone structure contributes to a thigh gap, but on the other hand, feminine fat-deposit patterns counter-act it.

  16. Thank you! Great post. I just want to be as fit and healthy as I can. Don’t much care for media hype over what the “perfect” body is – probably written by a woman who has no clue what men really want

  17. I am a young woman without a thigh gap and am constantly feeling the pressure of society to have a thigh gap. it’s not that I don’t want one or wouldn’t love to have one it’s just that it’s simply not natural. my mom doesn’t have one my mom’s mom doesn’t I mean there is no way that I can physically get a thigh gap. My best friends doesn’t have a thing gap, she is skinnier than me but she doesn’t have one any way she doesn’t have a thing gap and she has guys fawning over her because of her personality. I have a boyfriend that I have been with for a year and a half now and I asked him after reading this if he cared if my thighs toached and he said that he hadn’t even thought about it and absolutely not. I just wanted to share my experience with the dumb fads society expects us you get woman to follow. great article.. …….please reply I would love to chat with you

    • Thanks for your comment, Maddie. It’s nice to see this post is still doing its job 🙂

      I do honestly think MOST guys find thigh gaps a turn OFF not a turn ON. The appeal of the female is her curvaceous shape and one of the by-products of that is wider thighs and hips. I just think the media has distorted reality and tried to trick us into thinking everyone wants what they say we do. It’s ridiculous really.

      So glad you liked the post and resonate with it!

  18. “I really like her but, she doesn’t have a thigh gap.” said no man ever –

    I’m a guy and I have said that.

  19. Is a thigh gap relevant? Not really, if it’s natural good for you, being healthy mentally and physically is more relevant than any certain body section. One thing I don’t like is a dumb woman so he smart and think for yourself.

  20. You pulled down skinny girls by making them insecure of their bodies. Putting a picture of a skinny girl and mocking her for her body and thinking you’re quite inspiring. Wtf! The article was bullshit! Girls should be who they are no matter what size they are. Comparing and bringing down one segment won’t help anyone.

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