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Make Your Words F*cking Worth Something

(A campaign for saying what you mean & meaning what you say…..)

You’re better than to have your actions and words grossly misalign. You’re not like them. You still value your word and realise it’s worth more than they can even consider, when it comes to the quality of relationships & life in general……

You also know the danger of making more and more empty promises based off momentary and fleeting feelings. You know the more you do this, the more it will bleed your discipline reserves without even knowing it.

Saying is expression. Doing is discipline. Saying is meaning well, doing is acting well. And action moves mountains while expression just creates negligible ripples.

The average person lets week after week go by without being as disciplined as they should and without taking action daily on the things they should, all the while telling everyone what they supposedly want and will get.

Years down the line, the only thing that’s changed is they’re older and less confident about said venture, dream, ambition, desire……..they may have even cooked up a get out story as to why it ‘wasn’t for them’……..

Seems innocent on the surface but the implications of this loophole too many of us are indoctrinated in and too scared to claw out of, are severe, if you want a great life and legacy, that is.

You’re feeding the natural doubts of others while leaking what little natural confidence reserve you have – and it’s really not a lot. No matter how confident or extroverted you are, you still have to contend with the voices from the monkey mind just like the shy introvert who doesn’t fancy themselves against anyone in the race.

“I wanted to do______ but I didn’t because _______” and “I should have done ________ but that never transpired due to ________”.

When this happens too often it will become your reality. Never underestimate the human body/brain’s capacity to fall into patterns and not want to break them. That’s why you watch so much porn. It’s why you can’t give up social media. It’s the reason you can’t stop SIMPing after the girl that doesn’t want you. And it’s why you don’t enroll in that adult education course you’ve wanted to for 5 years and counting now.

In stark contrast, winning and action breeds more of the same. This becomes your norm. You become known for doing what you say and you’re respected as such. As a result, your held to higher account by your family, friends, peers……..

They don’t know you as anything other than the one who delivers on their promises, their vows, their ambitions.

And the more this becomes your norm, the more confident you become and this transpires to your words carrying more weight, even when it comes to friendships and relationships.

You’re no longer the one who promises they’ll never do X, Y or Z to their friends but still does. You’re not that person who just keeps re-offending over and over. You’re the one who turns up on time and doesn’t prioritise things outside of what you say you prioritise.

When your actions align with your words, your time on this planet is made astronomically easier.


You naturally acquire more respect and draw others with the same values towards you. And you should know: what you are around, you become. What you attract, you are.

This whole thing works FULL CIRCLE.

If we really go and boil this down, we could argue this is a case for thinking before you speak. Just like momma used to say – or damn well should have done!

So I urge you, for the next 30 days, heck, how about just the next 7 DAYS, you try to really think before you say you’ll do something, want something or subscribe to a certain ideology etc?

Aim to stand out from the rest. Be someone of value and moral and watch it fulfill your life so much more. Once this happens the next challenge is not allowing others’ lack of conviction in their words to frustrate you and take you off course.

The better you become the more you’ll attract those with similar values, morals and standards. Action over words is an ancient mantra, but action aligned with words is spectacularly unique.

If what you’re about to say isn’t helpful, true or aligned with your purpose, why fucking say it? Keep quiet. Silence is power. Speech is power when coupled with genuine conviction.

Get after it!

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