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Discomfort on the daily!

We love comfort. I spent the first 20 or so years of my life loving comfort. I spent a sorry amount of time living way within myself – way beneath my potential. Very few of us even reach our potential because we just don’t know how much we have. Humans thrive against challenges. Challenges spark evolution, evolution sparks life. 

Challenge yourself on the daily, seek a little discomfort. It’s hard. It sucks. It’s scary. It’s daunting. But……it’s essential, essential to a life worth living. 

You don’t have to walk barefoot on coal or skydive everyday to stretch your boundaries, you can do little things, things you don’t like doing – things that make you tougher long term. For some, exercise is an apt example. For others, it’s forcing themselves to stick to a diet, staying true to walking everyday…….maybe it’s trying to talk to women on the street each and everyday. It could be even simpler, it could be the easiest way I know of to get uncomfortable in your own home……..

Take a shower or bath in cold water!

This isn’t another ‘7 reasons to only shower cold’ or ‘join me on the 30 day cold shower challenge’ post. No. You know all about cold showers. You’re an avid health blog reader, right? You know cold showers’ value, and you know you should be taking them.

My love affair with cold showers began in May 2014. Incidentally, that’s the birth month of this very blog site! It was no coincidence really, I was developing a taste for everything self improvement. Although there are many worse obsessions in life.

In winter too?!

Yes indeed. Any fool can shower/bath cold in May, June, July, August, maybe even September. October, November, December and January? Different ball game. I stayed faithful to the coldest of showers from May to October 2014 and that was enough. I wimped out.

This year? Different story. I have been super strictly cold showering throughout the treacherous British winter months……..morning and night.

OK. So what?

I say this to illustrate the power of pushing the boundaries, doing what you haven’t before. This is evidence of my own evolution. And frankly, I’ve never felt better. My energy is great. My adaptation to training routines is faster than before and maintaining low levels of body fat despite eating a reasonably ‘high carb diet’ are strainless.

I do believe the testosterone boosting hype to be true to an extent – although it’s only one piece of a complex puzzle.

So that’s how I keep uncomfortable on a daily basis. It’s a habit I wouldn’t trade for the world. Cold or hot. Rain or shine. Win or lose.

Cold showers are ‘my thang’, man.

Have you had cold showers? What did you think? I’m expecting a fair amount of practical experience here! What about during the winter, could you do it?

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  1. No, a cold shower any time of the year might kill me. I’m completely exaggerating, of course. I WILL commit to calling and/or texting one person a day to reach out to my peeps. I’m real bad at that and it is uncomfortable for me.

    • You don’t know you’re living till you’re having that cold water sting your skin during December! 😉 Haha. Your quest is just as good though. So many people are terrible at that. Are you vowing to call/text different people each and everyday?

      • That’s a great idea/challenge. Out of interest, how are people responding? (generally). Haha…….a polar bear swim? Maybe that could be next year’s target? I sadistically love pushing myself to do weird things others say are “impossible” 🙂

      • Well, people are responding so that’s good. I know there’s a few that will be really happy and will also wonder what’s wrong with me, LOL! I’m not holding you to a polar bear swim since I wouldn’t do it myself 🙂

      • Interesting you said that about some will probably ignore me because that’s probably the root of why I originally stopped reaching out to people. I got tired of making the effort and getting nothing back. I think it’s normal to feel that way, EXCEPT, I was taking a break from my brother for this reason and some other reasons and he passed away last week. So, I don’t know what to say except that I had bad timing and I really wish I hadn’t taken that “break”. Kinda messed up, but sometimes life is messed up….

      • Yeah, that’s very unfortunate. I guess we can only do our best in the current moment with the current circumstances and facts. If it’s not a two way street, I back away completely and wait to see if they initiate anything, if not, then that ‘friendship’ instantly becomes discarded. It sucks. But it needs to be done.

      • I can’t argue with the science, and as much as my inflammation numbers go through the roof after a good couple of hours on the bike, it wouldn’t be a bad thing for me…. but I’m a hot shower kinda guy. I’ll give it a try but I’m not promising anything.

      • I don’t partake in any serious endurance exercise, but I can imagine they’d be a god send after! I honestly thought I wasn’t such an anomaly, haha. But, as it turns out, I seem to be quite rare in that I love the cold water even at this time of year. Just gradually taper the temperature down as you go. Don’t go ‘full retard’ and try and last 10 minutes on the COLDEST setting (some people actually expect to manage that!)

  2. Bill Gifford covered this topic in his book “Spring Chicken: Stay Young Forever (or Die Trying)” and even took a dive into the frigid Pacific Ocean in winter near Half Moon Bay (CA). He listed the pros and cons of such a procedure, and while taking a cold shower might not kill you, diving into freezing water could stop your heart.

    I think I’ll restrict my discomfort to adding more weight on the barbell at the gym and driving in rush hour traffic.

    • I’m amazed you’ve not took his advice and placed yourself under some cool water James. That sounds like a great book, right up my street! Paul Chek’s ‘How to eat move and be healthy’ is another one that’s intriguing me massively. Discomfort comes in many dimensions, it’s all about embracing it instead of dodging it.

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