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Momentum vs Perfection

Momentum vs. Perfection – which yields more value?

Do you wait for the stars to be in perfect alignment before you take action? As a chronic perfectionist and someone who has historically feared anything less than my perceived vision of ‘perfection’ – I am more than guilty of remaining hesitant in the fear of not achieving flawless outcomes.

Does perfection even exist?

It’s taken some time, but gradually, the lesson is starting to sink in. The lesson being, that perfection doesn’t actually exist. Think about it……when was the last time you achieved true perfection?

Not to mention, perfection is often perspective specific! Your vision of perfection will have variations to the next person’s. 

Even if you do achieve your personal vision of ‘perfection’ will you be able to reproduce it over and over?

Life isn’t so smooth, as we all know by now. In actual fact, perfection can be rather dangerous – as it leads you to believe you’ve got to the destination, further work is not necessary. As a result, comfort sets in and what all too often accompanies comfort is stagnation.

Not achieving perfection is actually a tremendous source of future growth. By not ‘perfecting’ something, you’re unlocking a whole host of avenues in which to explore each time round. 

It is often the analysis of falling short of perfection that unlocks the key to moving closer to perfection!

Becoming awoken to unexplored avenues of value keep you enthusiastic, keep you hungry and ultimately, keep you on the journey.

And, should the journey ever end?

If the journey ends, then surely comfort exists and in existence with comfort comes stagnation. Which in turn suggests growth isn’t happening. When growth or evolution isn’t in progress, are you truly living??

Life is one long self improvement and self-discovery journey

So let’s apply this to the realm of fitness and exercise. If you only train when you truly “feel like it” – then clearly your only going to train sporadically. Sporadic training WILL provide sporadic results and DEFINITELY sub par results! 

Anyone who has formed the habit of remaining dedicated to any workout routine they follow, does not only workout when they encounter ‘perfect’ circumstances.

These people know that everyday is different, every workout will vary, progress is never always linear. They don’t let this phase them – they embrace this!

By just sustaining momentum, you can often outreach capabilities that seemed only attainable with perfect circumstances. 

You go in the gym, you don’t feel “great” but, you grit your teeth lightly and trooper through it. What you get is a bigger sense of accomplishment, you felt pretty poor yet you still achieved the completion of a workout! You may even outperform what you thought possible for that day!

On the opposition, what would you got if you skipped your training because you didn’t have perfect circumstances initially?

No progress, no feedback, no sense of pride or accomplishment and no reassurance that you have the tenacity to see anything through.

If today happens to be a “non-perfect” day, embrace it and always KEEP MOVING! Momentum always beats perfection.


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