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The most paramount factor to achieving your goals!

We all have goals in life, these goals can often be divided into categories: Financial, educational, spiritual and more often than not; physical

Physical themed goals stem from the principle of improved health. This is the case for the vast majority of cases. 

Lose fat, build muscle, increase strength, improve and enhance muscular endurance or improve sports performance?

I’m willing to hazard a guess that that spectrum will cater to a significant portion of overall physical goals held by the general population of this great planet.

How do we achieve these goals?

Once we’ve established such goals, the next ingredient of necessity is a plan! But, how do we know what plan is suitable? This can be a tricky task, the determination of  which plan to enforce.  Typically (as a beginner) we resort to the Internet or even a multitude of magazines themed around fitness and Bodybuilding. 

These magazines and Internet articles often feature supposed workout routines of top Bodybuilders and physique models. However, as a reader, how do you know if these routines actually are the genuine routines of these famous names?! Let’s give the publishers the benefit of the doubt and let’s assume they genuinely are legitimately used by these said Bodybuilders. Should you be following their routine and style of training? 

It depends.

There are a multitude of factors to consider. However, the most basic factor is how advanced are you? By advanced, I don’t mean what are you able to perform or what “circus” tricks you have up your sleeve. No, I’m referring to how long you have been training. Are you new? Do you have a few years under your belt? Or do you have over a decade of training experience – in which you’ve explored many training techniques and approaches?

These Bodybuilders you read about are advanced! 

It goes without saying, these guys have been in the “business” for numerous years. Therefore they’ve exploited many basic results enhancing principles. So these programs you read about, that include things like drop-sets, super-sets, tri-sets, giant sets, isometric pauses, static holds and even eccentric overload! Bear in mind, those are just a few examples of more advanced training techniques that are superb for “plateau-busting”.

But…….there is a time and place for them.

Unless you can truly categorise yourself as advanced, then, these methods should be put on the back burner……….for now at least. 

Instead, keep things as simple as possible. Focus your attention on the training itself! You really don’t need wasted energy over-thinking things. 

The simplest way of doing so: PERFORMANCE! 

Good old fashioned performance improvement is generally the most important factor in achieving your goals. This humorously simple principle is often over looked, over complicated and under valued!

Without further ado, here lies a solid dissection of how performance is the key to your goals:
 This is, without doubt, the single most important factor/variable and principle that should from the base of all your training! Every workout you should ALWAYS be on the lookout for improved performance. Regardless of whether your goal is fat loss, strength building, muscle gain, endurance training (I.E. priming for the Military) or sports specific training (I.E. Improving your vertical jump or your performance in the “225lb bench test”). It goes without saying: improving performance is paramount! 
Your program should have you lifting greater weights weekly or periodically. It should also have you resting less over time. Thus, improving the density of your workout. This also highlights wonderfully; the value of tracking every workout. Some may deem this “obsessive” I however, believe it’s essential! It provides all the crucial answers to any possible plateau or sticking point you may hit. It enables you to re-trace your steps and evaluate what you were doing – and when. Furthermore, it outlines exactly which areas performance may have stalled.
Here’s some examples of the power of improved performance regarding your goals:
  1. You want to build muscle. You get your max in the squat from 200 lbs for ten reps to 300 lbs for ten reps! Do you think you’ll be bigger? Of course! 
  2. You’re looking for improved strength. You get your one rep max in the Deadlift from 350 lbs to 500 lbs. Do you think that will translate into greater strength throughout your body overall? Yet again, of course!
  3. You need greater muscular endurance and you improve your all out, max Push up total from 50 reps to 150 reps. Will that not transfer to greater muscular fitness and endurance performance? Notice a theme here? Of course!
  4. You need to increase your Vertical jump in order to get drafted for a particular Basketball team. Therefore you increase your Power clean max from 275 lbs to 350 lbs + needless to say, you’ll improve your vertical jump and explosiveness!
  5. You’re looking to get lean and sexy, whilst maintaining muscle mass. You get your 400 metre sprint time from one minute down to a “cooking” sub 50 seconds! Will this improvement get you closer to being lean, ripped and sexy? We both know the answer! YES!   
See the power of performance? 
ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS strive for a better performance than the previous one, always strive for more. This simple principle should be your primary focus for as long as possible. In conjunction, you should also see just how valuable and crucial it is to RECORD and TRACK your performance from workout to workout.
A traditional training journal should suffice nicely! 
So there you have it – always look for improvement in performance. This will compliment whichever goal you have very efficiently. It’s plain logical.
So get out there and be better, faster, stronger and demolish last time’s results! 

P.S. In the next few posts I will be diving into some really cool and underground methods for those of you who may be stuck in your training at present.

Stay tuned 🙂 

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