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Testing my maxes: DIPS & PISTOL SQUATS!


The halfway test week of Calisthenic Movement’s Level 5 program is all but done and dusted. I’ve finally got the last 2 moves wrapped up and ready to share with you!

Today was the turn of the trusty old bar dip and the coveted pistol squat. The previous numbers were 36 and 14 respectively. As you’ll see, these moves aren’t as fluent as my pull ups and L sit from Friday.

Nevertheless, I got them done and the dips felt fairly OK up until the 30th rep and that’s when things got tough.


There is a part of me that regrets not trying to grind out 2 more reps to get me to the big 40, but my ego can take a ‘mere’ 2 rep increase – and as was the case with pull ups, they felt cleaner and better.

Pistol squats are never great at the best of times; the task of coordinating balance, strength and flexibility is a big ask. I like to do mine without shoes because I find I get more drive through the floor. Of course, this does make it harder to get all the way down without rounding the back. There’s a pause at the bottom too. What I’m doing is trying to eliminate any chance of a stretch reflex helping me out of the ‘hole’.


Two up from last time.I base my numbers off my left leg, as that’s my weakest leg and it has the least mobility at the ankle. When I got to 11 reps I thought I’d do mighty well to get equals at 14 but I dug deep to push out the final 2. I think a 17th would’ve been repulsive to watch!

I have another 6 weeks ahead of me before I finish the program and it’s going to be full steam ahead. It’s exciting to comprehend what results I get from the final EVER test week.

Thanks to everyone who has given positive feedback and constructive criticism alike. You can expect many more logs of my workouts in future.

For anyone interested in Calisthenic Movement’s programs, be sure to read my review HERE.

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  1. I LOVE pistal squats. I’ve been working on them and right now I’m using a chair to ‘land’ on to build my strength up. These are tough! Great post!

    • I think pistols are incredibly underrated. A lot of it is about flexibility and then strength. Doing them without shoes is tough to say the least. Keep working on them and make sure you post a video of yourself doing them when you can!

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