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To all my amazing followers and readers:

Have a splendid Christmas!

Enjoy every moment. We all know just how rapid the day itself expires. So be in the moment, spread happiness, joy, compliment the people in your life. Savour the feeling of giving.

Forget isolation, if there’s ever a day you should be in company, it’s Christmas day!

If someone doesn’t get you exactly what you wanted; remember, this person has taken time and effort. They’ve spent money and thought of you. Be thankful you have people in your life willing to do that year in year out. Some don’t have such luxuries. 

A massive thank you to all my readers, followers, everyone who has ever liked a post, re-blogged a post or dropped me a comment.

I appreciate all actions individually. This blog/site is still under a year old and the follower count has grown steadily. Not that I’m a numbers nazi or anything, but it’s nice to see people are receiving what you’re broadcasting in a positive fashion, right?

I started this blog as a means of communicating, expanding my horizons and in conjunction with transitioning into the fitness industry professionally. The goal here is to share experiences, knowledge and above all, support. I’ve been posting at least once per week since the birth of this site, and frankly, it’s been effortless.

Doing what you enjoy is easy right?

Want to stick to something?

You better enjoy it!

Have a very happy Christmas and may the new year present a whole new level of productivity unseen before – physically, financially and spiritually!

What’s coming in the new year on the blog?

I’ll be diving straight into the nitty gritty of fitness and health themed goals and targets, not the 5 minute wonder goals you set whilst bloated, drunk and emotional after Christmas dinner! The kind that you still are itching to go out and get long after the festive pleasures subside.

How do we make sure we’re continuously getting better step by step, so that we can be a better component to others’ lives and really maximize our potential?

All of this and more will be topic of much conversation in the coming weeks.

As I endeavor to expand my academic knowledge, I will be applying it and sharing it through this medium.

Stay tuned. 

Merry Christmas and season’s greetings! 

Thank you. 

Oh and as always, feel free to drop me a line below and let me know what you’re doing this year for xmas and new year! (Some bragging is permitted!)

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