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The cheat meal: Friend or foe?

Nobody likes to see abuse. But if there’s one thing I really cannot tolerate……it’s cheat meal ‘abuse’

“I deserve a treat every now and then!” – Do you really though?

I’ve heard that statement more times than the fellow in the featured photo has finished of a pack of Twinkies! I really have. They make statements like that and then complain about their body composition. 

Now I’m not ‘anti-cheat meal’ at all, but I believe cheat meals should be used with a couple of strict conditions.

First things first, you have to earn your cheat meal. If you’re sedentary and haven’t done a squat since the 20th century, then…….you have no business indulging on cheats and treats! Of course, I must clarify: If you have absolutely no concern or consideration for your health, weight and body composition……..then please, go ahead and eat exactly as you like. It’s your body and life.

But if you do happen to desire an improved physique…………

Then the cheat meal should be relative to your current status! 

How long have you been eating clean?

How strict has your eating really been?

How much fat have you lost?

How much fat do you still have to lose in order to hit your goal?

The application of cheat meals is intended to boost and restock glycogen stores and increase your leptin levels.

If you’ve been dieting super clean for a while with a low carb diet for example, then the longer you go low carb, the more glycogen depleted you will be. Also, the lower your leptin production will be. If leptin levels remain chronically low, leptin production can actually start to shut down over time. This is a terrible scenario as leptin is a crucial hormone to have on board as far as fat burning is concerned!

Another great benefit of a weekly cheat meal is the ‘reset’ process that comes with eating a meal that’s usually ‘off limits’. By doing so, people often become re-focused and raring to get back to clean eating.

In addition, the cheat meal works exceptionally well for those who are already lean and are looking to really SHRED out for a show, photoshoot or vacation etc. Introducing cheat meals to people who are very lean can be the secret key to transitioning from ‘lean’ to ‘shredded’. It provides a handy boost to their metabolism that’s accustomed to lengthy spells of strict eating.

In summary, EARN your cheat meal.

Make sure it is JUST ONE cheat meal.

Don’t find yourself guilty of cheat meal abuse, because if you do, the real abuse victim will be your waistline!

Only implement cheat meals once you’ve gathered momentum with your results and earned the right to a cheat meal via sustained effort and progress.

As they say – “Anything worth having is earned!”

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