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Forget the quest for perfect programs and answers!

I know how it is……….

You’d love to know exactly what ratio of fast twitch to slow twitch muscle fibers you have.

I bet you’d also like to know definitively whether you’re pure ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph. Not only that, surely you ‘need’ to know if you’re a slight blend of two?



Of course you need to know precisely what genetic carb tolerance you have.

Is paleo for you?

Can you handle grains?

It doesn’t stop there! Next up, we MUST determine exactly what training frequency you can tolerate – with accuracy.

How much cardio do you need to stay lean?

What genetic potential do you have? Will you ever deadlift 500 lbs +?

Where to start?




What training split?

H.I.I.T. or steady state cardio?

Enough is enough.

See the damage of information overload? – Major case of over-thinking!

This is the dark side of having so much information and appealing options readily available……….how can you possibly zone in or decide what’s right?

We have such a lack of time these days, we just cannot handle the idea of investing our “precious” time into something and it not returning flawless and perfect results. Therefore we refuse to commit to any concept in absence of a guarantee of results.

The problems:

The energy spent analysing, contemplating and querying the options is energy that is lost. Energy that could have gone into trying one of the options. Besides, what if we could hypothetically give you a magic info sheet, with your personal answers to all those magic questions?

What would happen?

Your work ethic would shrivel up.

Now you don’t need to work hard, the stars are perfectly in line and you don’t need to overcome obstacles. Just do as your told, it’ll all happen.

What WILL happen is…….you’ll learn precious little about yourself.

Life is a mission of learning, evolution and discovery. It’s through facing roadblocks and obstacles and hardships, we discover our true selves and we develop true grit – a trait often lost nowadays.

If you knew a program and diet was guaranteed to work perfectly, would you really work?

Instead of doing mental summersaults, how about using sensible gut instinct and choosing a program. Then lay the groundwork and follow the program exactly as it’s laid out for 12 weeks minimum!

Don’t second guess it, just do. Learn from doing and not talking.

Even if you don’t get the exact magnitude of results you hoped, you’ll have gained quality knowledge……..

Knowledge in the form of experience.

You have no right to dismiss anything before giving it a real honest effort.

Here is a fool-proof summary that guarantees results:

  • Pick program
  • Determine time-frame
  • Maintain clarity of mind
  • Focus
  • Results will appear

Focused efforts = results. 

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The 'brains' behind StraightTalkingFitness, a site all about discovery that leads to strength in all formats; fitness, mental, emotional and spiritual. Everything starts from within and projects outwards. Master the body, master anything and everything.

9 thoughts on “Forget the quest for perfect programs and answers! Leave a comment

    • Hey, thanks for the feedback! You’re dead right, we’re all searching for the next ‘new trick’ or plan that can fast-track us where we want to go. When in reality, a solid 12 weeks of non-questioning effort is sometimes just the ticket!

      • Great question! The problem is there’s so many external distractions. As great as the internet is, it’s the biggest culprit for information overload! With so much expression of differing opinions, I can totally understand why everyone wants to try the new ‘thing’ every week.

        Heck, I used to do a different workout everyday! Ha. But over the last year or so, I’ve really knuckled down and ran programs for NO LESS than 12 weeks. And I’ve found my results are up tenfold! Not to mention I have had a much easier time seeing progress as I have been “milking” programs for all their worth.

        My advice? Really practice the art of discipline, which is a by product of HABIT – (I’ve wrote about this on this site). Discipline yourself to spend longer on one routine/program. Track your numbers and keep reviewing them weekly, that can help when you don’t ‘feel’ like you’re getting anywhere, every inch is progress. I’ve worked with people who LOVE looking back at their workout logs from a few weeks back and seeing exactly where they’ve added reps and lost rest time etc..

        Even if it seems you’re plateauing, instead of switching routines, take a week off. I’ve done that many times and on resumption, found my progress is back on track.

        To summarise: Make a commitment to yourself on a given program for a given time period and have faith, accept that there are going to be times when your faith is high and low and remain happy in the knowledge that whatever happens………you’ve COMPLETED something.

        Sorry if that seems a little long, but I’m an in-depth kinda guy! 🙂

      • I have respect for being in depth. I know I can be quite detailed in my writing/speech. Discipline is missing largely among human beings. I know my path of rising from the flames and becoming more will require self discipline. I truly appreciate your mindset on the topic.

      • Thankyou very much, I often feel compelled to apologise for the volume of my speech/writing, even though I shouldn’t and nobody should for that matter. I very much appreciate your input and interaction, I’m always trying to encourage interaction through my blog.

        Just remember, discipline is a skill. It can be developed and honed, practising discipline will generate greater discipline. I’m very fortunate to be a very naturally disciplined guy, I’ve always been the one who stays in for the long haul. You can harness the necessary discipline you need to accomplish all you wish for too, don’t let anyone or your dark thoughts ever tell you otherwise! 🙂

    • Is that what you do by profession? Wow, as much as I’d be great at that job, it would be a double edged sword! I’m SO detail orientated it’s ridiculous, everyone who knows me, knows me as the guy who remembers virtually everything and delves into every little thing that I get interested in! Hence why I made that post, because I’ve “over-thinked” just about everything!

      Thanks for the link, I’m on my way to give it a read now 🙂

    • Just gave it a read, really great article. sounds awfully familiar to some of my own thought processes. Love how you broke it down to the need of maintaining simplicity, sometimes a nice dose of simplicity is just the answer and remedy. Thanks for the link, enjoyed it 🙂

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