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“None of us is as smart as all of us”: The power of T.E.A.M.






A bright mind can shine, but it will never be able to match the luminosity of two great minds combined.

Today’s quote is incredibly relevant to the realm of fitness, self improvement and goal accomplishment. We often like to get a little too head-strung and believe we alone, can conquer and master anything……….completely solo! 

The goal of today’s quote is not by any means to deter you from having an iron will and self belief. No, I’m all for that! I myself have achieved great things in solitude too! But as I mature, I find I’m developing a much more ‘open mind’ – in layman’s terms, I’m seeing all sides of the coin better than ever before. For everything I do well, I can pinpoint what I could have done better and the tools and people that could have got me to the destination far more efficiently.

Place yourself in the right environment 

That’s right, once you know your destination, your goal, your ‘end-zone’. Address the best possible environment you can imagine, picture the environment that would almost guarantee you’ll get your result!

If you’re trying to put some muscle on your frame, then a great environment for you might be a gym with heavy weights and numerous great trainers with a wealth of experience (both practical and academic).

If you’re trying to lose stubborn fat, it could be of great benefit to you to find a great fat-loss coach/trainer with great testimonials. Even finding a friend that has a similar ambition or goal can be a source of tremendous positivity! As we now know: Motivation is never constant and is a direct product of the formation of HABIT. 


A good dedicated workout partner can make all the difference, you can assist each other in forming the habit that ensures the so called “motivation”.

Distinguish those that help and those that hinder

Distance yourself from those that question, mock, and discourage you from your goal. Get friendlier with those whom provide a positive response when you tell them what you’re agenda is. If your current trainer is often miscounting the reps you do, needing to be asked to actually help you or yawning and checking their phone during your sessions……….Then it’s time to let your boot connect with their backside! 

Or, if your workout partner is often telling you it’s time to wrap up the workout once you’ve hit the “big” 20 minutes and you’ve done five sets for forearms………..therefore you’ve “earned a Starbucks for this tough workout”………….then they also need a nice size 12 to the rear too!

Those who set you seemingly lofty targets and take you beyond them, are the people you really want and need in life!

From a training and workout perspective, I recently worked with a lady who was pretty unmotivated to train. But she “”sucked it up” and we began. We did a multitude of movements and each time, I set her a target rep number. As I did, it was obvious to see she doubted her ability to achieve it. But with my positive input, she hit her goal reps on every set of every exercise!

Not only that, but she went above the target every time too! I knew she would, I set the targets knowing they would be beaten.  Because I know the power of a goal and how the gained self-confidence from achieving a supposed “tough” goal often surges you way past what you deemed possible. She also commented at the end that I had “changed a negative situation into a positive!” I brought the best out of her, just by creating a positive environment and displaying total confidence in her.

The best coaches, mentors and friends know your capabilities better than you know them yourself

I am a huge believer that anything is possible, humans can achieve mighty things, history has taught us just that! Once you have the scene set, the image cast and the destination in mind. Draw the ‘gameplan’ – identify those that can add value to your journey, either through experience or just by sharing your ambition. Maybe the only thing they can offer is positivity……….if that’s the case, they’re worth their weight in gold!

None of us can ever be as smart as all of us – embrace those in your life, support each other, share knowledge with each other and be successful together! 

A goal shared is a goal halved, a problem shared is a problem halved, a crisis shared is a crisis halved and a journey shared is instantly eased.

Together – everyone – achieves – more.  

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