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The one who “doesn’t eat”

Fear not, the subject in question doesn’t actually “not eat”

That I can confirm. How? Because that guy is me believe it or not. Confused? Basically many of my friends and associates have very often branded me as the “guy who doesn’t eat”.

They never see me eat, so therefore they assume I’m ‘above’ the process. Let me pose the question: If you never ‘see’ somebody do something, can you really be sure they never do it?

Here’s where the power comes in!

The reason I’m branded as the dude who doesn’t eat, is all because I’m one of the very few people who actually resists the all too common social eating pressure!

Eating clean and being consistent with your eating habits really does undergo vigorous strain when you eat out in social situations and people find it very difficult to stay grounded when their peers encourage them to “go large” or “have another cake”. I just count my lucky stars that I’m blessed enough to be able to ALWAYS refuse with confidence.

Friends should respect your wishes, goals and aspirations.

You could also say (correctly) that I have a group of truly respectful friends who always offer, but never insist or criticize my decisions. If your friends are always mocking your healthy eating choices and questioning your motives without any support, then I hate to break it to you……but you probably should start re-assessing the definition of the term “friend” in your own vocabulary.

Become the “one who never eats”

That’s right, strive to find yourself in my position. Because as a result, you’ll find you’re in a position where you are in control of what you eat, how much you eat, when you eat.

Which in turn will keep you glued to your fitness goal/path.

Just to clarify, when I say be the “one who doesn’t eat”, I simply mean eat, but eat at home, be responsible for your own meals, what goes in your mouth and work to develop this iron discipline.

“Friends” often question, criticize and mock your wise choices simply because the very fact that you ARE eating correctly, causes them to realise their own downfalls in this department! 

Believe me, people hate having to come to terms with the changes they too need to make!

You refusing the junk food is making them uncomfortable because deep down, they KNOW they should be following your example.

So start striving today to become the one in your social circle whom people assume “never eats” because it’ll mean you’re the one who avoids trans fats, sugars, artificial sweeteners, empty calorie food, unaccounted for binge eating and above all – you’ll avoid having to buy larger clothes and you’ll also avoid the terrible scenario of questioning the scale weight when it’s telling you you’re ten pounds heavier!

So be proud to be different.

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