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Try Coconut oil fried Eggs!

That’s right……….Coconut oil fried eggs.

Aren’t fried eggs bad?! 

Depends what you fry them in. If you fry them in vegetable oil, sunflower oil or any oil that is hydrogenated (high in omega 6 fats)………..then yes – they are bad. Very bad!

But, if you arm yourself with a nice tub of virgin Coconut oil, fried eggs can only be one thing:

Delicious and full of health benefits!

Unless you’ve been living in a cave or hiding from the bogeyman, or you’ve been held in captivity without access to valuable information, you’ll know eggs are a tremendous addition to any diet! 

Rich in vitamin B12, affordable, a great source of protein, pathetically simple to cook, with a multitude of cooking methods and all achieved in a very short space of time! 

Also they are a phenomenal source of cholesterol. “I told you! Eggs raise cholesterol!” Yes, but they raise your GOOD cholesterol, not your BAD cholesterol. You need good cholesterol for hormone production! The only remote health risk eggs pose is the possibility of becoming intolerant to them as a result of consuming them – perpetually.

Eggs are great. Add coconut oil to the party and you’ve got sparks!

Coconut oil is an absolute powerhouse supplier of health-boosting fats!

Rich in medium chain fatty acids that do not raise cholesterol – coconut oil also has a wonderfully high smoke point – which means it’s PERFECT for frying!

And if all that hasn’t sold it to you yet………….

I can now confirm, the taste is brilliant too! The eggs absorb the coconut oil wonderfully, producing a succulent blend of egg and coconut.

At just the right strength, not over powering at all.

Give that really simple combo a try the next time you’re pressed for time, need a protein and good fat snack without gorging on empty carbohydrates.

It is now by far my favorite way to cook eggs!


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