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Quote for the day:

The quote for today comes from the great Ralph Waldo Emerson! 

A personal favourite of mine, particularly because it illustrates with great effect: the significance of forming a habit. 

A common misconception is that motivation is a form of “gift” we either have it or don’t? Some are just blessed with more motivation than others? 

Sure, some are. 

But what root is responsible for such motivation?


Motivation stems from the foundation of habit. Anyone who you observe or deem to be “very motivated” – will have developed that said motivation from forming a habit that leads to constant action. 

I myself am very motivated (people often ask how) I mean, I NEVER miss a workout, NEVER cheat my diet (unless scheduled) and am generally very well organised and adhere to a strict schedule.

Do I experience constant motivation?


I have dips in “motivation” and moments where I may not feel as hungry as I have on previous occasions. But, when these motivation “dips” occur, it is the power of HABIT that ensures I don’t deviate from the path.

When a habit is truly formed, your mind makes light of whatever the habit is. A diet, a workout, to read 30 minutes per day, to be in bed by a certain time. Whichever your goal, strive to make your goal – a habit. 

Once your goal starts to transition in to a habit, you’ll find you require less and less “motivation” to apply the actions necessary to achieve the goal! 

Human beings are habitual creatures. Take advantage of this, start small and create a habit today. Be patient, it takes time to form a habit. Some say ninety days will do it – I say that time period is more than adequate!

Realise that so called successful people don’t RELY on motivation.

Successful people RELY on the power of developing HABITS. 

Understand motivation is never constant. Never confuse novelty with true motivation. When we embark on a venture our “motivation” is always elevated!

But over time you will feel it naturally diminish, as obstacles inevitably rear their unsightly head, this is where resorting to formed habits will SAVE you. 

As the man who was a sea of profound quotes would say: Harness a thought, reap the action, translate the action into a habit. Let the habit form a character, allow the character to guide you to your destiny.

Ralph Waldo Emerson……..I salute you sir!



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