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Happy Christmas!

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So I had planned to write a post all about reflection and achievement throughout 2016, but I figured I’d just keep it light. Besides, it’s Christmas. This is the third Christmas I’ve had on this blog and each one has been different. This year all I want to say is: Happy Christmas and thankyou for all the support over the years.

As much as we all like to keep healthy and worry about weight gain at this time of year, I really think it’s unjustified. As I write this, I’ve had an almost full on cheat day yesterday and have eaten Christmas dinner, along with other treats too. How do I feel? I’m keen to get back to eating a wholefoods diet once more. If you’ve been doing things right throughout 2016, you should be too. Your body will tell you when it’s had enough; you’ll lose your taste for the ‘good stuff’.

For now though, be thankful for the downtime. Rest. Don’t concern yourself with work. Two or three days without work won’t kill you. And you have to ask yourself whether your work will even be productive if you were to try and do it at such a festive time – will it really?

Try and detach from the stresses and mundanity of your routines and commitments, you might even enjoy yourself. Enjoyment and relaxation are as challenging as productive work to some, if not most, of us.

Keeping with what I’ve said, I’ll wrap it up there. If I go much further this could be considered ‘productive work’, and that would be breaking my own rule! So I’ll stop and go back to playing board games and eating/drinking.

Happy Christmas to you all. See you soon.


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