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24 things I’ve come to realise about life at 24 years old

A week ago now, I turned 24 years old. And I realise I’m still a spring chicken to most, and some would call me ‘wet behind the ears’. But, I’m a firm believer in some people being mentally way beyond their years and in some cases, way behind. 

I’ve always felt older than I am and have had no problem befriending those much more mature than myself. Fortunately though, I don’t look older. Ironically, I looked older than my age during my school days (which was awesome at the time!) and now I look my age – if not younger.

Life has been kind to me. Not only that, but it’s been one of my greatest teachers. As I’m partial to do, I got my journal out and began scribbling down 24 facts of life according to my experiences. These are 24 things I would love every 14 year old to truly believe in.

Allow me to share them.

Here goes……….

1) Everyone has parents; although not everyone has good parents. 

2) Your siblings are your best link to your past and are more likely to be there for you in the future. Bond with your siblings.

3) To errrr is human, to not become wiser after the event is the only real crime. 

4) Even the smallest, most seemingly insignificant of presents/gifts you receive are true blessings. The older you get, the more you’ll agree. For someone to spare a mere thought for you, you’re blessed. 

5) Love is the most powerful emotion we have. You are a product of what/who you love most. 

6) Love also should be expressed and not suppressed. A little extra affection can make people’s day. 

7) If you suspect someone is interested in you romantically and you feel the same way, be brave, trust your intuition. Let them know how you feel, be assertive. Temporary rejection is far more tolerable than a lifetime of regret and wonder. 

8) You WILL miss opportunities. But…….if you live in a state of constantly seeking evolution and self-improvement, opportunity will come knocking again. Trust me. 

9) Emotions are generally short term and can be very easily influenced. Music is one of the best manipulators of our emotions. Feeling down? Listen to some joyful music, I promise within half an hour your smile will be back. 

10) Time is the most powerful medicine in existence. It can soften the most potent of wounds – emotionally and physically. 

11) Every single person you are fortunate enough to come into contact with has value to offer to your life. It’s down to you to be perceptive enough to find each person’s individual magic. 

12) We all strive for more and more possessions, while often failing to nurture the greatest possession we’ll ever have; our body. 

13) Nobody is truly alone. If all you have is a good book by your side, you’re far from on your own. 

14) Depression is often born from a faulty perspective. Gratitude is your greatest ally in the war against depression. I speak from experience. 

15) The best way to learn anything is from practical experience. All the theoretical learning in the world falls short at aptly preparing you to handle life’s unpredictable occurrences, scenarios, trials and tribulations. 

16) Choose where to invest your efforts wisely. You cannot find mastery whilst spreading yourself thin. Sure, you can excel in multiple areas, but when all’s said and done……’ll generally only be remembered for that ONE THING you mastered. 

17) Fear is nothing but a protective mechanism against your body’s natural resistance to the unfamiliar and unknown. 

18) Laughter and deep breathing are two ESSENTIALS to our well-being that slyly slip out of our grasp as we age. Never apologise or be ashamed for hysterically laughing and enjoying your very breath. 

19) Children are more perceptive than we will ever comprehend. Never make your child feel the need to stifle themselves. Everyone has a voice worth hearing. A stifled child often becomes a socially anxious adult.

20) Smiles cost nothing and can equate to everything. Strive to be described as…”the one who’s always smiling.”

21) Most people are controlled by their emotions. Successful people control their emotions. 

22) Exercise is the gateway to the fountain of youth. Use it or lose it. 

23) Your past cannot interfere with your future……..unless you let it. 

24) Give everything and everyone a fair chance. You can often grow to love something/someone you dismissed the very first time around. 

There we have it! I had many more potential candidates, but 24 was the magic number today.

Which number was your favourite?

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I can relate to the emotion part of the post. Since jumping on the self-discovery wagon, I’ve definitely learnt to control my emotions better. But the other points you mad were good too, and Happy Birthday for last week 🙂

    • Hey stranger! How are ya? Thanks for the belated birthday wishes 🙂 Yes, controlling emotions is either a natural trait or you have to really work at it. I’m naturally quite reserved and have found it quite easy to hide my emotions when I need to. Although ‘hide’ is quite different to ‘control’.

      • *Waves hello* Hiyaya! I’m not too shabby. Yeah I get you, I used to be really weak, like I’d get angry and upset really easily but not so much these days. Ignorance is bliss. I no longer attend every argument I’m invited to, lol. Being a “highly sensitive person” has made things difficult for me at times, but I’m getting better at life so I’m still winning 🙂 Hope you’ve been well and stuff 🙂

      • Haha, ‘I no longer attend every argument I’m invited to’. I like it! As long as you’re always evolving, you’re winning – in my book anyway. I’ve been good, mainly celebrating being a year older *YIKES* I used to hate birthdays, or mine in particular. But nowadays I embrace them. Can’t beat a good party can ya?! 🙂

      • Lol, arguing your point across to people who think they’re always right and just want to go round and round in circles with you is EXHAUSTING! So now that I do less of it, I am deffo winning 😀 Ugh I hate birthdays. Mine is in two months eek. The only thing I enjoy about any birthday is cake, lol

      • Hahaha nope. I never have any plans.I was hoping to go away for the weekend but then I remembered where I live and that it’ll probably snow or be raining heavily so eh, I’ll see. Might take myself out to lunch or dinner. See how I feel.

    • Hey! Thanks for stopping by and reading. Yes, slaying dragons from the past sure can be a real challenge. It’s so easy to be haunted by actions/habits/mistakes of yesterday. My personal one is #8. I find life provides the opportunities you deserve.

  2. Very interesting, from 24years to my 70years as you get older you learn to turn the
    other cheek is a far better person to walk away, and this all comes with age. You learn
    how deal with people and can recognise their emotions. Life is not a rehearsal so grab
    it and laugh and enjoy Callithenics

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