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Some thoughts on Armistice/remembrance day

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month. In the U.K. it’s armistice day. In the U.S. it’s veterans day.

Regardless of location, November 11th bears huge significance world wide. It’s a day which us fortunate souls should (or as I prefer must) honor, remember, respect and ultimately understand what our very ancestors did (largely without choice) for the superior lives we enjoy today.

Thus, I felt compelled to carry out a duty. A duty which we all assume some responsibility.

The duty of growing and strengthening the legacy of the fallen heroes. 

My thoughts on the subject can be summarized in this little excerpt I have been sharing today:

My thoughts today are firmly with the fallen heroes. Hopefully the mere presence of my utmost gratitude goes some way to ensuring their legacy of bravery, tenacity, heart and courage remain ever-strong and eternally appreciated. We think we know ‘suffering’, we’re deluded. Most of us will NEVER know suffering like the fallen heroes. It takes precious little to spare a thought. We are getting the best end of a starkly one-sided deal. We OWE them our thoughts at the very least. 

Full repayment will probably never be achieved. But by honoring the sacrifices made by our not so distant ancestors, goes some minuscule way to showing gratitude. 

For some can’t donate a stack of money, they simply don’t have it. Besides, it’s not the point. You give what you can and do what you can. I have made donations as and where possible and I’m harnessing my efforts into spreading greater awareness.

I want the respect I have to burn as bright as a million candles. 

Many of the fallen heroes, warriors were no different to you or I. They often had to go and fight against their will. Riddled with fear, coupled with immense responsibility and inevitably, a sea of doubt.

It was irrelevant. They had to just do it. Some paid the ultimate price, some were never the same. Sadly, scars are permanent.

We often think we have it “tough” or that we “can’t” do it. How about our fallen heroes? Did they feel like that when their compulsory journey began?

Of course.

They dealt with it through the means of transcendence; by doing that which creates discomfort, we force ourselves to transcend.  

Stop and spare the heroes a thought the next time you’re challenged. Be inspired by them. Aim to transcend yourself. 

To all those who fought, sacrificed and gave so that we exist in the means we do today………

I thank you and you’re always in my thoughts. 

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