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If there’s one thing you should do……it is to do “YOU”

The great Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best.

The great man was a library of entirely profound quotes, quotes that are in many ways eternal. The great Mr. Emerson sadly passed over 130 years ago and still……to this day – his quotes are being shared, enjoyed and publicized worldwide! 

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quotes are a great source of positivity in the ever challenging environment we live in……….that is the modern world!

Sadly, being “you” is often a common challenge facing today’s generation.

The youth of today grow up believing they have to “match” or “compete” with their peers. We’re led to believe that being alternate or different is wrong or a cause for ridicule and question. We think we have to have had ‘X’ amount of girlfriends/boyfriends by a certain age, we have to play or be a fan of our countries most popular sport in order just to be “liked”.

Boys grow up thinking they have to be great at Soccer/football. They’re also led to believe that being “tough” is best displayed by how many fist-fights they’ve partaken in. Amongst all that, society leads them to become slightly ashamed of any alternate or eccentric interests and hobbies they may have – girls may not “like” them if they play an instrument or they’re into classical music, maybe they read historical books. Of course, society deems these pass-times “uncool” and “weird”.

Girls grow up thinking they have to have developed breasts by a certain age, have nothing other than perfectly straight hair at all times. They also mustn’t wear or like any other colours than bright pink! If multiple guys at a time don’t have a “crush” on them, then they must be ugly? Right? 

If you don’t wear makeup everyday and have a top of the range phone by the time you’re ten years old, you’re just not worth knowing. That’s what they think!

It may sound extreme, but think about it, that kind of stigma and pressure is all too present in the children of today’s development in life! 

Those who are different endure questioning and have demands placed on them for an explanation, yet those who follow the herd of life NEVER face questioning.

Why is that?

Why do we not see someone part of a group, following what their “friends” are doing (in absence of what their heart truly WANTS to do) and ask them……….”WHY?“………….”Why are you not discovering your personal identity?!

It’s a valid question, a question which the answer would intrigue me greatly.

Even as far back as the times of Ralph Waldo Emerson, social pressure clearly existed prominently.

Hence today’s quote, the real challenge is being who you truly are. 

Please let me urge you to accept and embrace the challenge, accept who you are and start learning to truly love yourself exactly as you exist deep down and externally. 

If there’s something you’re yearning to do and you’re unsure if you should because you fear “un-acceptance” from the people in your life, yet you spend every waking hour dreaming, thinking and imagining yourself on the journey…….then you absolutely MUST act now, follow the heart! 

The discomfort of being “different” will not compare to the pain of the soul………the pain felt of regret, the pain of not doing what your heart truly wants and asks! 

Never be ashamed of who you are, keep pushing to learn, be better everyday.

Keep pride in what sets you apart from anyone else, harness those skills, talents or interests.

Remember, real friends identify and appreciate the unique qualities in you!

If they do not, then they aren’t really a friend at all.

Be you, always. 

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  1. All of what you said is exactly what upsets me about society today and the kids of today (if I’m allowed to use that term). I don’t get why people can’t be their own person. There is absolutely nothing wrong with “not keeping up with the Jonse’s). So sad that one gets ridiculed for not having the latest gadget or pair of shoes or brand of clothing. It really doesn’t matter. At all.

    • Yes of course, it really is a sad shame. We can all relate to at least one aspect raised in the post, we’ve all seen or experienced such travesties! I think it has to do with the fact that we humans are social creatures by nature and I guess people fear isolation that could occur as a result of announcing their unique “identity”…….But you’re so right, clothing, gadgets, possessions or tastes certainly do not make the man or woman! Thanks ever so much for your comments too 🙂

      • It is indeed a travesty! I just love that word. Always a fan of alternate words. But yeah, it’s the world (or “world” ) that we choose to live in today. We’re surrounded by too much of everything. Overload! *Runs around screaming and panicking* lol

        No problem. I always enjoy reading a good post. Even more so if I can relate to it. 🙂

      • Haha yes! The world certainly is a little “too much” at times. You see it all the time, trying to eat whilst watching our favorite T.V. show, whilst trying to check our emails, checking our Facebook feeds whilst simultaneously trying to chat with our family about the day we’ve had! Lol.
        The result: We do none of those things sufficiently! Great point, overload is so prominent!

        Thanks for the kind words, it’s refreshing to see somebody who isn’t scared of a little interaction 🙂 too many people don’t like making conversation nowadays! P.S. I’ll be sure to check out your blog too 🙂

      • Eh, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of healthy conversation? I know I do. I’m normally a quit person but I can “talk” in terms of writing and typing for days. Sometimes I feel I talk too much (because I feel so strongly about something and must go into detail). Doesn’t mean to say I’ll just sit back and take it all. Ohhhh no. Not this lil lady! lol

        Me, I’d be perfectly happy with my bare essentials and I’m good.

        Feel free to browse my blog 🙂 If it all makes sense to you, my life will be complete and I can die happy! lol

      • Hmmmm…….that sounds oh so familiar! Haha. I also feel I’m best expressed through the medium of “words” too! It’s actually really funny you mentioned going into details, because that’s what many people who know me say about me! “You really do go into details and depth, don’t you?!”……..Damn right I do! I mean if you’re into something, why not seek to learn all you can about it right? Why not try to be as close to a “master” of it as you can? Why do people get intimidated by a bit of subject passion? I personally love those who go into detail! Sounds like I’ll warm to your blog quite well then! Lol. I try my best to provide alternate, detailed posts myself. Normally I’d apologise for such a lengthy reply, but I’m confident I’m in the company of someone who’d appreciate such a reply! 😉 lol.

      • Typo alert! When I said quit, I meant to say quiet. lol (I missed that during the proof read. Gah)

        Duuude! I’m all for learning! And I mean old school learning. Not this “let me look it up on google” nonsense. -_- People see a long, thought out reply and think, I’m not reading all of that! L-A-Z-Y.

        I don’t know how to respond in short sentences, unless I don’t know enough to give a valid response, the you’ll just get question after question.

        Haha I too sometimes apologise for lengthy replies. Then I’m like, hey you can’t complain, you know me by now. I don’t do one sentence replies. lol

        I think me and you will get on famously! 😀

      • That’s really brilliant! Responding with a question is actually a phenomenal way of continuing and developing a conversation! I don’t know about you, but I often find myself doing much more asking than answering in conversation? Not that I mind, I’m proud to be enthusiastic lol. You’re also bang on about the long replies!

        It’s diminishing attention span syndrome (at least that’s what I’m calling it, haha!) people seem to find it harder and harder to devote time to just ONE thing!

        It’s quite funny, just recently, I practically turned someone’s post into a forum thread just by sparking conversation! Lol. It was a 20 comment sequel! Usually, you will leave a comment and the person will reply with a very brief “thankyou” and that’s it. I mean come on, surely by posting something…….you’re opening the door for discussion?! I mean why write about something if you don’t feel greatly compelled to engage in discussions about it? (Mini rant over lol)

      • I can’t help it! I have to question just about everything. It’s like my mind is on a never ending quest to find out the answer to the question “why”.

        My Dad once called me cynical because I stressed and argued my point with such gusto till he eventually gave up. Lol. I still don’t know when/where I developed this defensive, argumentative side.

        People fear someone challenging them on an intellectual level. (Look at me using big words, lol) They end up thinking that you yourself think you’re a know-it-all and then go off and sulk.

        Yep. It is a gateway for (stimulating depending on the subject) conversation. Sometimes I’ll say something and not a single person will respond, and I’ll feel like an idiot. lol But I don’t care. I don’t always post in the hopes of generating a response. I know that even if there’s no comment, I know they at least read (or skimmed) through it. Success!!

        Awesome “mini” rant by the way, haha.

      • Cynical? I’d think “passionate” or “determined” to stress your knowledge or point would be more appropriate, haha. You also made an AWESOME point about not caring if you get a response or not. That’s something I’m getting better at with age lol, being immune to the fear of judgement or not getting an outcome I had imagined. That actually ties in really nicely with my post today, it’s often fear and worry about how they’re going to be received that leads to the youngsters today succumbing to social pressure! I think it’s natural as we age, we become more confident in who we are and as a result, we (rightly) don’t waste our time caring whether we get responses or not from people, it’s simple, if you believe in it, say it. Besides, there really is nothing to lose and all sorts to potentially gain!

        I must say, I don’t do much ‘spiritual’ writing, but whenever I do, it tends to be reasonably well received. I’m mostly a “fitness author” – that’s the term I like anyway 🙂 haha.

      • Lol @ getting better with age. What are you, fine wine? lol But I get what you mean. I don’t think I’ve ever been worried of what or how people will respond. But I will admit that I do at times, percieve a response to something and it will hold me back from saying what I rally want to. You know, because I’m caring and considerate of peoples feeling and bla bla.

        Ugh social pressure. Why is it sooo important to look got to and for other people? I guess I don’t get it because I don’t follow the latest fashion trends. I don’t buy into things just because it hip, hot and right now. I refuse to be seen wearing “shorts” that barely cover my ass cheeks! People need to dress for the body they have, not the one they want. Lol. It’s not sexy at all. I don’t care what body type you have. No. Just no! It’s somewhat good to care and take care of yourself, just do it for YOU and not for the approval of others.

        But seriously. Something needs to be done. People need to feel ok and comfortable about still wearing a fair of shoes from two years ago. It’s ok noo shame. Gotta change or adjust the mentality. The higher the price doesn’t necessarily mean better quality. But hey, if you got the money, by all means, splash your cash and be “happy” for 5 mins.

        Fitness author, seems legit 🙂 I had a look through some of that, my body ached just a teeny bit. lol Might try some of those poses one day…might..No promises. lol

      • Hey I don’t mind being a fine wine 🙂 That’s very true about the shorts, haha! Most people want to shape up just for vanity, they aren’t even bothered with health! It’s just to be able to post photo-shopped ‘selfies’ all over Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc! It’s like they’re dying to ram their new found, unsustainable body down anyone and everyone’s throats! Sure, be proud of your hard work and be confident with your body, that’s huge. But there’s a wafer thin line between confidence and arrogance right? Health always comes before everything…….in my book anyway. I work in the realm of fitness, but I’m not and never have been driven by vanity whatsoever, my transformation was done to prove I could do it (to myself) and it’s a constant journey. Aching just looking at it huh? Yeah, those poses are pretty humbling to say the least! The reason I’m always emphasising stretching is because everyone who trains/works out is so wrapped up in breaking down muscle and not allowing it to rebuild, stretching compliments any exercise regimen. I won’t get too carried away with the fitness talk (just tell me to shhhh! if I do LOL)

        I agree entirely, there’s a fine line between “essential” and “wasteful” when it comes to clothes and accessories! I think alot of girls wear the ass-cheek showing shorts because they have to have a certain amount of male attention just to feel remotely ‘decent’ about themselves. I mean a guy taking a 5 second glance at your backside isn’t worth anywhere near as much as a guy loving you inside out for who you are right?

        I must say, you seem like a lady who’s feet are firmly on the ground! Very nice to see indeed! Oh and by the way, you would probably out-do me on them poses…….women definitely have “one up” on the fellas in the flexibility department! Haha! 🙂

      • Oh you have a book too? Not just a pretty face huh? lol (I haven’t seen your face but that’s the phrase) Females especially, will nearly ALWAYS sacrifice health for fashion. Are-you-friggen-kiddin-me?! Apparently gratification means a whole lot when you’re a teeny bopper. I dunno.

        Well I try to be and stay grounded. I just have different ideals to most. Like I have never worn a pair of skinny jeans. Bleugh. Give me normal boot-cut, best fitting jeans any day. I need to breathe in my clothing and walk normally and not like a constipated farm animal. Ayayaii -_-

        Haha ohhh I don’t know about me pulling off the pose better than you. You have never been to one of my pilates classes. Makes me fall over just thinking about it, Lol

      • Brilliant! – I love your comparisons! A lady who has never worn skinny jeans?! Never! Haha, I know quite a few GUYS of whom wear skinny jeans on a daily basis! *baffled* How can they function amongst such restriction? Lol.

        You’ve actually been to a pilates class? Interesting, I’ve heard many good things about pilates (crazy right, here’s a guy who works within the fitness industry who isn’t just attached to lifting maximal weights! He actually appreciates, values and respects all aspects and exercise variations!) Had to say that, so many guys look at working out through a straw! They don’t see the value of seeing it as a jigsaw puzzle. (rant over, haha)

        But I’ve heard pilates is great for those with poor posture as it involves soooo much abdominal activation and pelvic control – so many people have stomach inflammation that causes their abdominal walls to disfunction and pilates is great for re-activating them!

        I’ve never done it though, but it would humble me brilliantly, I imagine 🙂
        Oh and I’m not sure about the pretty face, I guess you wouldn’t experience too much discomfort if you had to see my chops 🙂 (I hope anyway lol)

      • Yeah, never worn a pair, never bought a pair. I guess the tomboy in my still lives. I dress for comfort, not for the benefit of others. I am suuuch a plain Jane and I am happy with it. Not to give the impression that I’m a hippy or anything, although I do love all that floral, earthy stuff that they got going on. anywayyyy. Jeans and a t-shirt kinda gal I am.

        No no no no noooooo. Guys should NEVER wear skinny jeans EVER! I don’t care if its for fashion, if you’re a rock-star or if you’re wearing them for wind resistance. No no no no no. Nuuuuuu!!!

        Yeah I took a few classes, boy was that fun. sometimes we’d just giggle and laugh while attempting poses. It does help with posture and breathing control and all that hoopla.

        Exercise in any form, is beneficial. I should probably do it more, or at least get into it more. I used to be active alot as a kid, these days, ehhh, not so much.

        *Sings* My chops, my chops, my lovely many chops. Hahaha soo funny. But looks aren’t everything. Personality is the winning key (for me at least.) 🙂

      • I know! I can’t see how any girl could possibly find a guy wearing skinny jeans hot or attractive! Haha. Yes you sure should get into the exercise scene a little more (as if you couldn’t see that one coming lol) but, you’re certainly in safe hands following my blog (shameless plug I know!) I’ll hope to have it all covered 🙂 Yeah, sadly we all kind of lose our activeness as we get a bit older. It’s like there’s a magic cut off age where it’s just not cool anymore to be seen “running about” like you would when you were a littlun hahaha. And yes, 100% personality > looks all day!

      • Smh. Yeah that is a shameless plug. You should be very ashamed of yourself! Lol I kid. Its not that I lost interest, its the fact that I live in a cold, wet place, with maniac drivers lol. And I’m not the gym typa person. I should invest in a bike, yeah. That’s what I’ll do.

        Lol @ littlun.

      • I know, I know…….my head is still buried in shame! 😉 haha. Yeah, gyms can be strange, I think the ultimate is a home gym! That’s what I’m working towards 🙂 So come on, where do you live that’s so wet and cold? I bet I could guess! In fact, I’m almost certain I know already! Lol.

      • Haha that wink tells me otherwise. Ack, home gyms are soo expensive though, and time consuming. How about you have a guess and I’ll tell you if you’re right or wrong.

      • Well I don’t want to fall flat on my face here and be very wrong, but surely an almost constant wet and cold environment means you live in the U.K? I know it’s stereotypical, but surely I’m right? Haha.

      • I just used a good old fashioned dollop of instinct! Plus the fact that I’m also from the U.K. helped too lol! It was very easy to identify myself with what you said haha.

        I’ll take the bag of satisfaction, plus I have added confidence in my instincts too! 🙂 Hehehe!

      • Hahaha dollop. There’s a word you don’t hear every day. Kudos to you for trusting your instincts. Confidence is always handy to have around.

      • Haha, I try my best to be ‘alternate’ dollop is very alternate! But yes, the U.K. is very wet and cold (especially at present) where did the beautiful weather of a few weeks back (July) go?!

      • It’s too much wet and cold! Now that it’s gone all I’m gonna hear is how cold it is. I can’t stand miserable people with miserable attitudes. But then again, it’s a great conversation starter. Nothing beats waiting for the bus, knees knocking from all the shivering and hearing someone say “ain’t it cold this morning?”

        *rolls eyes*

      • It does tend to be the only thing Brits talk about…….or should I say “moan” about. Yes, it takes something negative like the poor weather just to get people talking! If they didn’t have that to complain about, they wouldn’t talk at all! Quite funny……..and sad really.

      • Yep. That’s it exactly. Never heard so much complaining from people about the weather in my life! I at least have a legit reason for complaining. I’m not used to this kind of weather all the time. But oh well, we must plod on right?

      • The best part about it all is: those who complain about so-called “bad” weather are also the same lovely people who complain that it’s “too hot man!” It’s ridiculous. How come you’re not used to the weather all the time? Are you originally from overseas?

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