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Motivation tip: Get some BLOOD in the GAME!

“Get some BLOOD in the GAME”

Anyone currently second guessing themselves, wondering if they have what it takes, wondering what it’s all for. “Why am I doing this?”

I’ll say it once more: Get some BLOOD in the GAME!

That’s right, announce your goals. Heck, don’t just announce them……..bellow them to whoever will listen! 


Well, if you’re lucky, they might……just might……hold you ACCOUNTABLE!

Isn’t that bad? 

If you want to stay as you are: lazy? Unmotivated? Indecisive? Apprehensive? Passive? Dare I even say comfortable?

Then yes, these folks are bad for YOU.

BUT, if you’re looking for motivation to stay hungry, stay focused, stay hunting, stay chasing, stay dreaming and eradicate any weakness in the form of second guessing yourself………….

Accountability is likely to be your GREATEST ally!

It’s those people who “pester” you whenever you’ve said or vowed to achieve something previous, those who “nag” you. Asking, demanding where your results are? 

It’s these people whom you see as a negative, a hindrance, maybe even a nuisance?

It’s these people whom you need more of in your life!

You need them making you absolutely DREAD the reality of sheepishly proclaiming you’ve not bothered to even start the journey, you need to fear the thought of them ridiculing you at any given opportunity and saying they “knew you wouldn’t make it”

You need them wrongly assuming they know more about your capabilities than you do yourself! 

You need them telling everyone that you’re “all talk, no walk”


Because the fear, the misery, the embarrassment, the guilt and the frustration of them being right should be the very reason you MAKE THEM WRONG TODAY!

The journey starts now. Tell these people your current dream, goal or ambition. Let them assume failure will commence as they deem inevitable.

You see, now is YOUR chance to prove otherwise.

When you think you can no longer continue, play their negative language about you over in your head. Envisage them being oh so eager to mock you as you failed yet again……

Feel the fire from deep down rise inside as a result……..

Harness it…….

Then use it!

It’s your vitality, your energy, your reason to stay focused on that one thing these people said you could and would never do!

Dream…….dream in great depth of the moment you PROVE that you’ve done it, you made it and you meant it!

Dream…….dream of being able to turn the tables on them. Display your achievements proudly, revel in the opportunity to inquire where their achievements lie.

State your accomplishment, ask where theirs is. Feels amazing right?

So announce your dreams, if nobody will listen, shout them from the damn rooftops! Let as many people know as possible what you want, crave their questions regarding your progress.

Dread having nothing to say.

Start now, harness the fire, set a goal and share it.

If you do this…….you just might have some blood in the game. 


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