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Have you heard of ‘EWG’? (Environmental working group)

The Environmental working group ( is rapidly gaining popularity as more and more of us are discovering the immense value of their work

If you haven’t yet heard of them, allow me to enlighten you as to what they can offer in regards to improving your quality of life.

So what is EWG?

The environmental working group is an independent organisation that has the sole intent of researching and exposing the all too commonly unknown toxins that we are consuming, eating and even applying to ourselves via cosmetic products everyday!

EWG has numerous online databases that specifically outline which toxins to avoid in various categories.

Toxins can be found in:

  • Food – obviously diets high in omega 6 (trans fats) are very toxic, but even generally regarded “healthy” diets can consist of a plethora of toxins and pesticides – unknown to the consumer!
  • Cosmetic products – everything from shampoos to makeup! Even soaps, lotions, aftershaves, shaving cream and wipes.
  • Water – can contain various contaminants and toxins. The degree of which depends vastly on location. EWG have a water toxicity safety area checker on their site.
  • Cleaning products – many products thousands of us are using on a daily basis, to do nothing more than clean our homes with can contain many harmful chemicals too.

Don’t freak out yet!

The purpose of raising these very real threats isn’t to instil a “Oh my gosh! There are toxins everywhere?! And I can’t get away from them???” mindset/fear in you. Not at all.

The purpose of this post is to highlight the great work that do with their efforts to educate the world on where the risks lie, what the risks are, and how to make alternate choices safely.

Knowledge is power

The mere act of educating ourselves as to what is safe and what isn’t, enables us to make superior choices in the future. For example, one of my favourite database lists on the website is their fruit and vegetable “dirty dozen” and “clean fifteen” list. This list gives a brilliant breakdown of just which produce doesn’t have to be organic. It also gives a dissection of which produce should be purchased organic.

Why is this important?

Well in these financially restricted and strained times, the knowledge of which fruits and vegetables are most commonly over-sprayed with pesticides and which aren’t so “peppered” with pesticide sprays, allows you to budget smarter. Many people promote and advocate total organic eating. However anyone with a restricted budget may simply not be able afford to stock their fridges and cupboards with purely organic produce.

Therefore a little compromise will suffice nicely. For example, an Apple is one of the most commonly pesticide ridden fruits. So this is where organic must take priority. In opposition, an Avocado is relatively pesticide free and subsequently safe to be bought in the non-organic variety.

Life is full of choices. Make smarter ones. 

Please do follow my encouragement and visit the ewg website, browse their many databases. Have a look at their outline of chemicals to avoid in your household products and cosmetics. Maybe even do a little experiment and determine how many of your current products contain the hazardous pollutants EWG outline. And in future, opt for alternatives that are free from the highlighted chemical(s).

Finally, how do toxins affect our daily lives?

Daily toxicities can be present in day to day life without you feeling chronically ill all the time. But build-ups of toxins (particularly environmental and chemical toxins) can show up in the way of unwanted body fat, weakened immune system, an out of balance testosterone to estrogen ratio and even an inability to focus and concentrate.

These are all things that can influence how well you feel, think, perform and function.

Continue your quest for better health.

The journey never stops.

Be safe.

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