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Dietary alternative: Try Duck Eggs

Search any regular food store or major supermarket here in the U.K. And when you arrive at the “egg aisle” you will do rather well to find anything other than…….well….eggs!

As to be totally expected?


Why would you hope to see anything other than eggs in the “eggs aisle” when you go shopping? You wouldn’t want to take a journey down the egg aisle and find makeup and hairspray, would you?

I know I wouldn’t!

But, something I certainly would not mind encountering is Duck eggs.

Chicken eggs are as common as rain in the U.K. Search any convenience store or supermarket and you’ll be overwhelmed with an army of egg options that could fill an Ocean!

Free range, caged, large, medium, British, continental or even woodland!

These are the main options you will be faced with in regard to which eggs to purchase. Lots of variety. “The spice of life” most say, I agree profoundly.

But those are CHICKEN eggs!


Please don’t misinterpret what I’m saying, I’m a chicken egg’s biggest fan. So much so, that I’d hazard a guess that I’ve eaten more chicken eggs this year than ever before! 

Are eggs a common staple of your diet? If not, you’re missing out on a truly brilliant, cheap, easy and quick to cook protein. Of which contains essential “amino acids”. It goes without saying, eggs are a splendid addition to any diet (regardless of physique goals) Not to mention, there are an absolute sea of potential cooking methods available for eggs. So they really are a foolproof way of ensuring you hit your macronutrient targets – whatever they may be.

It’s the “reliance” on eggs that poses a problem

Many people (particularly when aiming for fairly high protein targets) rely just a little too heavily on eggs. It’s certainly not uncommon to find people eating eggs multiple times per day. I have eaten eggs on a daily basis very often. However, if you find yourself consuming eggs multiple times per day – maybe even at every meal; there’s a considerable chance that you could well have developed an intolerance to them.

The problem with food allergies/intolerances

The worst factor of possible food allergies is that they are mighty difficult to detect! Often they are very mild or moderate. Therefore, you will not experience any major extremities of symptoms. You probably won’t find an instant outbreak of Acne or you won’t find a rash that spreads all over your body like wildfire. 

It’s what’s happening internally that is the concern!

Symptoms of mild food intolerances generally only rear their unsightly heads incredibly subtly. Basically, your digestive system views these intolerant food sources as a stressor/danger, which in turn creates a very much unwanted rise in cortisol – a stress hormone.

As a result, you may find you have stubborn body fat that you just cannot seem to rid yourself of. Cortisol is a major cause for body fat to be stored! Alternatively or conjunctively, you may find you have diminishing energy reserves. You eat well, but you’re always lacking that “spark”.

Sound familiar?

There’s a probable chance you have a food intolerance to something which you may be eating on a slightly excessive basis. A quick fix is to simply identify a food which you eat a lot more frequently than others and – eliminate it for upto 6 weeks.

This will allow your digestive tract to “rest” from constantly processing the food in question that your body views as harmful. To conclude, you should be able to re-introduce the food to your diet over time, just make sure you eat it on a slightly less frequent basis.

Eggs are a very common human food intolerance

That is the dominant reason I am a big advocate of eating eggs on a one day off – one day on cadence. Just to reduce any chances of the development of allergies/intolerances.

Substitute Chicken eggs for Duck eggs!

If you happen to be eating eggs on a cadence which you may deem to be a little too frequent, or you may have “put 2 and 2” together and perhaps may be suspecting that heavy consumption of Chicken eggs are causing you symptoms of allergy. What should you do?

What can you eat as a replacement for the chicken eggs?

Duck eggs!

Even though Duck eggs are “eggs”, they contain a different form of amino acids. Basically, you can eat them because your digestive system will view the consumption and digestion process as something new.

Duck Eggs are actually larger than Chicken eggs and thus, provide more calories and protein. On average, a Duck egg will provide around 180 calories per egg and around 9-10 grams of protein also. Which makes them even more fitting to those looking to hit higher calorie and protein targets daily. 

Plus……they TASTE different!

Taste is very often forgotten and overlooked when we’re trying to change our bodies, lose fat/build muscle. We’re just expected to follow diets regardless of whether or not we actually like them! I’m confident you will like Duck eggs – more so if you’re a big fan of Chicken eggs.

Duck eggs are usually common at local farmers markets, which are generally a great place to do your food shopping as the quality tends to be much greater than stores and supermarkets. Their produce generally doesn’t originate from hormone – injected and anti-biotic fed animals! Not to mention, the products are often CHEAPER! 

Some of you may be able to find them at your local stores or supermarkets, however I’ve still yet to achieve such a feat!

Maybe I’m living in the wrong place?

Bored with Chicken eggs?

Want to add a little variety?

Try Duck eggs.

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