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Do you talk the talk??

Great piece here breaking down the basic ‘gym lingo’. Amazing how many times I lose people using some of these!

Pretty Fit

Here’s a list of some words/phrases/abreviations you might have seen or heard around the gym but had no idea what they meant.. Feel free to add some more in the comments!!

AMRAP: As many reps as possible.

Bis: Short for Biceps (the front part of the upper arm).

BMR: Basal Metabolic Rate – The amount of calories you burn at rest.

Cardio: Short for Cardiovascular exercise, primarily working the heart and lungs. Usually using the treadmill, xtrainer, bike or in an aerobic class.

Circuit: Consists of a number of different exercises, performed back to back with little rest in between. Can be designed to improve speed, agility, coordination, balance and muscular endurance.

Core: Your lower back, mid back, abdominals, obliques and stabilizers.

Cut: Definition around muscles, the lines you can see.

Delts: Short for Deltoids (shoulders) Front, middle and rear delts.

DOMS: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. The soreness is felt most…

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