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Hello and welcome!!

Hello and a very warm welcome to the very first post of my very first blog! I hope you’re as excited as I am! (I’m ecstatic!)

Why start a blog?

I chose to start this blog as a way of channelling my mental energy (there’s only so much you can express verbally to your friends and family). It’s time to start reaching to the unknown! 🙂

Who am I?

I am a 22 year old guy from The UK, Essex to be more precise. You’ll learn more about me if you stay tuned! I promise it will be worth revisiting! I am a self confessed fitness fanatic, P.S. I’m talking more Anaerobic fitness (I’m far from a meathead though) haha! I love learning the science of diet and exercise, not just academically, but by the old fashioned art of simply………DOING!

What will you get from reading my blog posts?

You can expect the unexpected for sure. You will get all kinds, from spiritual topics, a sharing of lessons I learn in life, a variety of discussions on working out, losing fat, gaining muscle and tips, techniques on mastering exercises. This is probably a good time to mention I recently lost close to 50lbs of weight! Taking me from 25% bodyfat down to a lean and ripped 8% bodyfat! So be sure I’ve certainly learnt from DOING! No gimmicks, magic supplements, diet fads or crazy substitutes for dedication and hard work! I will share my balanced and open mind perspective regularly right here on this glistening new blog!

Do I have to be fitness interested to get anything from reading this blog?

Absolutely not! I am so enthusiastic to use this blog as a way of reaching to new people from all parts of the world, all cultures, all ages, all interests. I would also LOVE to use this as a way of sharing knowledge and stimulating discussion. REMEMBER……..”none of us is as smart as all of us!” Read that five times! I’m serious! Re-read that quote, it’s a beauty!

In summary

This blog is created to share my balanced thoughts and experiences on life and predominantly fitness related topics. As a matter of fact, it was my super super cool younger sister, an aspiring make up artist who has had amazing success with her own make up themed blog (I will share all the details soon) Her work is AMAZING, and no, that’s not me being biased at all 🙂 Wait until you check it out, you’ll see! Many friends and family have often encouraged me to take up writing as they have often said they think I’d be a dab hand. So, here I am!

Thanks very much for checking me out and stay tuned for a variety of posts to come very soon! Be reminded that if you like unpredictable and the eccentric………..THIS……..IS………YOUR…………GO TO BLOG! That’s my guarantee to you.


See you in a couple of days!

James (wolfsta)                         (I’ll explain the nickname soon too)

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