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What disconnecting REALLY means (A Camping Tale)


Ask most people what disconnecting really means and they’ll tell you their idea of disconnecting is sitting on the couch watching a film, or doing their normal nightly routine with a drink or three in hand.

To most, this is enough of a disconnection and seen as an unwind and relaxation activity……..

To that I can’t help but ask how different it really is to your day to day life?

My idea of disconnecting means disconnecting totally. Ditch the mobile phone. Ditch the TV. Ditch the electrics. Ditch unnecessary company. Ditch the mundane commitments……..if only for 24 hours. How do you do that?

Go camping.

I spent the first 24 years of my life oblivious to camping’s beauty and benefits. It was only recently that I camped for the first time in my life. I’ve since been twice and am already writing a blog post about it!

And sticking true to our primal roots as humans, I kept the adventure as natural as possible – no official campsite, no disposable BBQs, no phone, no Ipads, no torches, not even any sleeping bags. Just a tent, a blanket, some trusty old camping food, some water and of course, my lovely new wooden gymnastics rings.

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Gymnastics rings hung up on a very accommodating tree
We were surrounded by rabbits, foxes, birds, badgers, horses and dozens of other animals which we were probably blissfully oblivious to. Epping Forest, on the outskirts of London, is just beautiful and a place I’ve loved visiting since I was a kid.

Letting nature dictate

When you go camping, you are at the mercy of the earth’s daily cycle. You can turn off your phone because there’s no need to know the time; your body will let you know when it wants to sleep and also when it wants to wake. This may be earlier than you’re used to or later, who knows…….it’s personal.

Being surrounded by trees and nature also does wonders for your sleep quality by saturating your lungs with unpolluted air all day.

Above all though, I believe the greatest benefits are psychological. You are, if only for a day, free from social media pressure, answering to people, seeing negativity on news bulletins and being a slave to the clock. You either talk, read, explore or walk for entertainment.

What about the lack of gym access?

One day away from the gym won’t kill you, in fact, it will force you to get creative. Do pull ups on a tree branch, choose a harder than normal push up variation. Move your body in a variety of ways. It’s good for you.

And even if you happen to not like it, you’ll become more grateful for the gym access you have – and this sense of gratitude crosses all departments: Being grateful for the home you live in, being grateful for the bed you have and even being grateful for having access to a shower/bath/toilet.

I know those are all creature comforts but one night away from them won’t harm you at all. Give it a try. Go camping this summer. You, your family, spouse or friends…..heck, even go it alone.

We may have evolved over a few thousand years but our souls still very much love nature and the earth’s beauty. Go and explore it.

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