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Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Coconut Water

Great post about a relatively underground super drink! Coconut Water always gets my thumbs up!


You may have noticed this drink in the grocery stores or in new diet drink recipes, and America’s newest heath craze is worth all the rage. Coconut water has so many benefits that it might make you rethink your source of daily hydration. But don’t get it confused with it’s sibling products: coconut milk and coconut oil. These other product may contain several of the same health benefits, but they do not provide hydration like coconut water.

It’s the ultimate hydration beverage and a tasty alternative that reaps significantly more health benefits. When we get dehydrated, we lose many essential minerals to the body that need replaced. During vigorous or prolonged periods of physical activity, especially in hot or humid conditions, the body loses these minerals quicker so it’s very important to replace them. It’s a healthier alternative to sports drinks because coconut water contains at least double the potassium…

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