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Lifting heavy is only for men?

Seeing as my Thigh gap thoughts are my most popular post EVER, I thought this would be worth a read! She talks tons of sense. Enjoy!


Hey Alpha and lady alphas,

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything.

for the last week or so I’ve come down with sore throat and the flu (sad times) but i’m better now and am back into training.



So recently I was in a online argument with a random guy about women lifting weights. and that i would look better skinny with a thigh gap. I know A FUCKING THIGH GAP!!! (ewwwww!!) I wanted to punch him.  Many things and topics annoy me but this annoyed me alot that day. At one stage ( pre boyfriend life) I thought having a thigh gap and being skinny was attractive but after learning that every few months the weights i was lifting felt lighter i kept added wight now and then. I found that girls with meat, quads of FKN steel was so much better looking than…

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