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About Me

This is the website of a ‘FFB’ (former fat boy) who’s experienced every spectrum of the health and fitness rainbow. I have been borderline obese and borderline anorexic. Having made my initial transformation with precious little help and external resources, it was a good old fashioned dose of ‘spirit’ that kept me going. I was 100 kg/220 lbs at my heaviest and 63 kg/139 lbs at my lightest. I currently sit at a much healthier 85 kg/187 lbs.


                 The early summer of 2016 – 78 kg & fresh in my calisthenics adventure

I set myself a goal and obliterated it. In fact, I took it to far. Although I make no apology. I made more mistakes than most, but these have translated into me being better at my job in this industry. I really believe there’s no amount of textbooks that can replicate the lessons of real life errors that entail emotion.

Front lever

On holiday in Malaga, Spain (September 2018) – weighing in around 84/85 kg & holding a ‘Front Lever’ 

I’m now a strength coach working among the fitness industry in the U.K. and I have a deep rooted love for people – this makes my job effortless and seem as if I were not working at all. “Interaction makes the world go round”. This blog is my efforts to connect with more people from further a field, with differing backgrounds, differing circumstances and different qualities. Each having a story of equal value.

As you may have already seen, this site features a myriad of topics from self-improvement to spirituality. From strength training to body-building. From the sharing of quotes to emotional musings. From study analysis to pure anecdotal evidence. From yoga to rehabilitation. I’m in love with the bigger picture when it comes to health and well-being; sharpening the mind, strengthening the body, building the character, managing and developing our weaknesses and ultimately………….working towards inspiring others and leaving a legacy of sorts.

The realm of nutrition and its impact on health and performance fascinates me tremendously and I’ve already devoured multiple books on the subject, some of which I’ve reviewed here in great detail.

Above all, my site will always be free of dogmatic tendencies. As I’ve matured, the greatest gift I’ve obtained is an open mind. I love experimenting with all types of theories and ideas, no matter how ‘wild’.

So I hope you enjoy at least one of the 100+ posts I have here. I always re-blog other bloggers’ posts if I enjoy them too, so not every post is strictly my own. But they all resonate with my interests, beliefs and core values.

The comments section is an ‘anything goes’ area; say what you mean and mean what you say – just don’t be shy!

I talk, talk and talk some more. Get in touch, say hi. Let’s talk ‘shop’.



  • Taught hundreds of fitness classes including Yoga, Pilates, Circuit Training, Spinning and more.
  • Worked with dozens and dozens of people one on one and online and attained results spanning body transformation, injury rehab, posture enhancement, strength and muscle gain and most recently coached numerous people in the realm of Calisthenics/bodyweight & Gymnastics strength training. With many clients achieving muscle ups, back levers and getting far stronger across the board.
  • Building upon that, I recently co-taught a Calisthenics & Bodyweight Strength Training Workshop at GAIN Fitness (Norwich, UK) alongside Ollie Brown of Redevelop Movement – and we will be hosting numerous dates throughout 2019 so keep an eye out for that!
  • Written articles for and
  • Been a guest (twice) on The UnmeasuredFitness Podcast (LINK)
  • Was featured in an interview for –
  • Was a judge at Lee Wade Turner’s End of year class calisthenics championships (December 2019)Norwich 2018 Workshop group photo

A 25/25 strong turnout for our Calisthenics & Bodyweight Strength Training Workshop, November 2018 

Lee Turner's End Of Year Champs (Judges pic)

With Lee Wade Turner, Greg Cornthwaite & Terry (@turboreps) as part of the judging for Lee’s End Of Year Calisthenics Class Championships (December 2019, Crossfit Aldgate East). 

Contact methods:

Phone – 07944745338 (UK mobile number)

E-mail – (I am now available for personal training (in the UK), online coaching, guest blog posts, interviews and more. Just send me an email and we’ll go from there!)

Instagram – @straight_talking_fitness

Thanks for stopping by. Shout your own blog out down below if you’d like. 


30 thoughts on “About Me Leave a comment

  1. Thanks for the like, I very much appreciate it. You have a great blog and one that I look forward to looking around and getting some insight to fitness and health, both of which are big interests of mine. 😄


    • Hello! Thanks very much for stopping by and for the very kind words! There is plenty more cool stuff on the horizon, I promise 🙂 I couldn’t not give your post a like, it was great. I see you’ve got quite a taste or appreciation for strength training?


    • Hey!

      Thanks very much for the feedback 🙂 Same goes for you, lots of great posts on your blog! I particularly like the theme of how women should work out, the whole “girls should only do cardio” crap needs to be put to bed once and for all, right? Haha.

      Nice to meet you, keep churning out great posts too!



  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking something. Congrats on overcoming obesity and anorexia. Clearly, you don’t do things halfway. I am looking forward to visiting around yours. Keep up the good work!


  3. JR, thanks for all the likes on my site. I think for 95% of us on our fitness journey, we walk alone much of the time, but there are always others willing to help if we just ask. Of course, we should always be willing to help others on their path as well.

    Peace be the Botendaddy


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