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Join Us For Our SECOND Calisthenics & Bodyweight Strength Training Workshop In Norwich (THIS SATURDAY)

Workshop promo pic

If you’ve been looking to get into Calisthenics & Bodyweight Training but have never quite known how, this post is for YOU!

There’s a distinct lack of ‘grass roots level’ knowledge in the UK, with most gyms having no trainers or coaches with the right experience/knowledge to successfully introduce this style of training to newcomers.

It’s for this very reason me and Ollie Brown of Redevelop Movement decided to set up our own workshop, where we get to share our passion with people from all ages, areas, strength levels etc….

In November 2018 we ran our first one (read the review HERE) and it was a great success. The interest we had for it blew our minds and forced us to set dates for those who couldn’t make the sold out first one. So we’re back on the 19th of January at the largest CrossFit gym in the country, GAIN Fitness, Norwich.

Norwich 2018 Workshop group photo

(Group pic from November’s Workshop – a great time had by all!)ย 

As I write this it’s only 5 days away! If you’d like to be at the event, tickets are ยฃ38 per person and the action starts at 1pm and will run until 4:30pm.

What will we cover?ย 

  • How to make warm ups fun & more effective
  • The best way to prep the body for handstand training
  • Drills for the handstand itself
  • Principles for maximising progress
  • Optimal technique on foundational exercises like pull ups, dips, rows & push ups
  • The ring muscle up – a complete breakdown suitable for ALL levels
  • Straight arm strength – including the front & back lever as well as toes to bar and more!
  • The most effective drills for mastering the mighty pistol squat
  • How to train the posterior chain without weights while not burning yourself out like you would with heavy deadlifts
  • Our go-to mobility drills for a healthier body long term
  • Competitions & Prizes
  • Q&A segments throughout with no stone unturned

If you want to be there this Saturday, you can get tickets through our eventbrite page or alternatively email:

And if the 19th of January isn’t an option for you, fear not, we have upcoming workshops in the following locations:

  • Bristol (April)
  • Manchester (April)
  • London (April/May)
  • More Calisthenics Specific workshops in Norwich throughout the year

To keep up to date with our events, subscribe via email or follow me on Instagram (@straight_talking_fitness).

See you on Saturday!



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